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CMS-XML Scripts or WS do not run in notification context without a user with login ID of admin
ERROR 14-02-2012 14:18:35 [ Events ] -- com.serena.core.runtime.LocalizedCoreException: Failed to obtain security token: Invalid User ID or Password
CMS-XML Scheduled script will not run - notification with id=68 not found
INFO QuartzScheduler_Worker-36 2018-11-12 10:17:45,271 [notificationsrv.ScriptEventService.Events] -- Failed to send event with id 412 for notification with id 68 to the user with id 1. ERROR QuartzScheduler_Worker-36 2018-11-12 10:17:45,278 [notificationsrv.EventService.Events] -- An error occurred while sending an event for the 'My Notification' notification.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting: Notification using Run Script does not kick off the AppScript (SBM 10.1+)
... ] -- Script for notificationID: ... , userID: 0 ... while sending an event for the 'MyNotificationTest' notification . ... -- Removing event 21, Tbl ... 7, from Events Table because there's ... ... error in the script itself. ... :00 [ Notifications ] -- Notification 'My Notification ' being sent ... ... :00 [ Notifications ] -- Added event 5784, Tbl ... 3829, to events table for notification 'My Notification '
CMS-XML Web Services call from Notification causes Event Log errors
In Business Mashups 2009 R1, when you invoke aewebservices71 from a Notification , and use the UpdateItemWithName, the webservices executes properly, however, you receive a series of errors in the Application Event Log. The errors in the Application Event Log would contain phrases similar to the following: ... Notification event rejected by script ... Script : aewebservices71 Notification : 1WEbServiceTest Item: table- id 1000, item-id 24 ... Resource Msg Id = IDS_ERR_PROCESSING_NOTIFICATION
CMS-XML Shell.User does not work in Notification context
Shell.User isn't set properly in a Notification context for scripts . 1)Configure your notification to run the script . 2)Subscribe a use to the notification . 3)Kick off the notification Please notice that you get error in the event viewer that says: ... RUNTIME ERROR IN SCRIPT "test" ( id =9) (called from notification context)
CMS-XML Notification server log references userID: 0
[ Events ] -- Script for notificationID: 32, eventID: 98 , userID: 0
CMS-XML Unable to send email from Mariner / Agile test message button or stop getting email notifications and reports.
Event Category: None Event ID : 0 Date: 3/3/2009
CMS-XML Notification events for archived items give Application Log error: "Record xx, in Table xxx could not be found"
The complete warning messages from the Event Viewer Application Log is: NOTIFICATION_NAME: ( notification ) context - Unable to read item with id xx from database. And:
CMS-XML Exception Thrown while processing Notification Event 'Process Active Processes' and many records in NS_DUMPRECORDS table
org.springframework.dao.CannotAcquireLockException: could not delete: []; SQL [delete from NS_DUMPRECORDS where ID =?]; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException: could not delete: []
CMS-XML Notification Server: Exception occurs on retry event creation
Typically, you will have set up a notification with “Run Script” type (or “Run event”, “Run Web Service”, “Run transition”), set termination rule with repeat action parameters to repeat “Run script ” action couple times (e.g. repeat every one minute). This scenario can be mishandled when the event fires causing the message above.
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