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CMS-XML Unable to read notification e-mails with a memo field in the subject line
While using an html notification template which puts a memo field into the subject line, the body of the e-mail becomes un-readable if the memo field contains a carriage return
CMS-XML Notification events for archived items give Application Log error: "Record xx, in Table xxx could not be found"
The complete warning messages from the Event Viewer Application Log is: NOTIFICATION_NAME: ( notification ) context - Unable to read item with id xx from database. And:
CMS-XML (Notifications) Record %ld, in Table %ld could not be found.It could be that we were evaluationing the TeamTrack change history in the middle of submitting this item.
The problem is that a sub-relational field has two references: (1) relational field in current table, and (2) sub-field, the field with actual required data which is located in the table:record referenced by relational field. The problem is that notification server reads from db only sub-field and does not read relational field.Thus the relational field value is always zero and it cannot go into other table and continue evaluation of rules.
CMS-XML Read timed out Error message for MailClient email submit : ERROR ForkJoinPool-1-worker-1 2018-10-23 19:18:38,129 [notificationsrv.MailSubmitParser.MailClient] -- MailBox: "mailboxname", Could not create item "test item" at project "Projectname". Error: Read timed out
Go to Configurator>Mail Services> Notification Server>Common Options>Web Services Invocation Timeout and increase the value. You need to Apply for this to take affect. Note this will restart services so should be done outside of main working hours.
CMS-XML Workcenter: When you view a notification it is not marked as Read
Workcenter: When you view a notification it is not marked as Read
CMS-XML It is not possible to localize the 'Read' and 'Unread' strings in the Work Center Notifications view.
It is not possible to localize the ' Read ' and 'Unread' strings in the Work Center Notifications view.
CMS-XML Notifications stop working due to UUU (Unicode Upgrade Utility) accidentally being performed on 6.6.x database.
This leaves all text and varchar fields in the 6.6.x database as ntext and nvarchar. The database may still work correctly, however the notification server will be unable to read the e-mail addresses in the TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES table, and fail to send messages. No errors will be logged in the ttmail.log,
CMS-XML Running Transition error in the notification server log.
Ns.log Error: ERROR QuartzScheduler_Worker-1 2013-05-02 18:09:45,067 [notificationsrv.RunTransitionEventService.Events] -- Cannot read state of item 1082:81 ERROR QuartzScheduler_Worker-1 2013-05-02 18:09:45,277 [notificationsrv.EventService.Events] -- An error occurred while sending an event for the 'REALIZOVAT PRECHOD PRIRADIT' notification.
CMS-XML Notification does not run transition
INFO 22-01-2014 15:21:15 [Events] -- Initial send for event 3, Tbl:ItemId 1113:3, sending notification 'close' ERROR 22-01-2014 15:21:15 [Events] -- Cannot read state of item 1113:3 ERROR 22-01-2014 15:21:15 [Events] -- An error occurred while sending an event for the 'close' notification.
CMS-XML Notification Server process is crashing intermittently
The " Unable to read relational item" appears many many times in the ttmail.log before the NS crashes.
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