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CMS-XML How to limit a memory usage of Serena Web Server?
After investigation R&D found the following problem - default configuration of the web server allows a thread pool to grow up to a 100 threads. Each thread allocates about 0.5-0.7 MB of memory. R&D recommends to limit a thread pool size using the next estimation - number of users/10 (for a 100+ users installation) or 10 threads limit (for a less than a 100 users installation)
TEXT error_text_5898.txt
"GUI Thread Pool :1" (TID:0xf9279410, sys_thread_t:0x2be718, state:CW, thread_t: t@23, sp:0xf7d40f90 threadID:0xf7d41dd0, stack_base:0xf7d41d64, stack_ size :0x20000) prio=10 java.lang.Object.wait(
HTML Serena Application Release Manager 1.0 Readme File Last updated on 13 May 2008
3.0 Known Issues A solution for this issue is to increase the thread pool size from the default of 10 to 25.
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS Administrator Guide
The Serena Web Server usually uses around 100MB of memory. To limit the memory usage of the Serena Web Server, you need to limit the thread pool size based on the number of users you have. Use this procedure to limit memory usage:
• Threads per CPU (int) Total number of threads in the host process including threads used by adapters. If this threshold is exceeded, BizTalk Server will try to reduce the size of EPM thread pool and message agent thread pool . Thread based throttling should be enabled in scenarios where high load can lead to the creation of a large number of threads.
CMS-XML < size > tag missing from CMPONENT/HISTORY/LISTBASE and CMPONENT/HISTORY/LIST query results for like-Other components.
CMS-XML The < size > tag is not being returned by the CMPONENT - HISTORY - LISTBASE XML service for generated components such as DBR, MPC and LST.
CMS-XML Server Sizing Guidelines
Server Sizing Guidelines
CMS-XML DMCM: Database sizing calculator
DMCM: Database sizing calculator
CMS-XML Text Field maximum size limit
Text Field maximum size limit
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