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CMS-XML Desktop client crashes when trying to change 'Related Panes' display in the Public Reports
Desktop client crashes when trying to change ' Related Panes' display in the Public Reports
CMS-XML ERO - Area audit does not report ERR308 for related applications
CPY1 is modified and checked into the first area. Audit of the area does not report an ERR308 for the SRC1 in APP2
CMS-XML Privileges must be set at the Base Project level for users to add/modify filters to join condition in reports
The user is presented with a “You can’t set filter for this item. You probably don’t have privilege to view related table” message, and is not allowed to add a search filter .
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.1.1: Reported Defect: Streams: Able to relate item to request even if there is no valid relationship
In a project relate an item of type I to request of type R - this fails with a valid error message Switch to a Stream. Deliver a change of a workfile that corresponds to an item of type I and in the "Relate to request field" select a request of type R.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF72658: BNPP-Move Item Type: 2373-Error: Item revision .. is currently related to a change document
Solution Documentation change required. • Is referenced in an open change document.
CMS-XML RLC: How to get a list of all active Manual Tasks and their related Release Package (SBM Advanced XML Report)
This will allow you to join in the Manual Task table or the Release Package table. (Use the Join button again to include fields from both tables.) Then, in the field section, change the Table dropdown to access the fields from that table.
CMS-XML Replicator: ignore_related_errs switch does not work
If it is coming from a customer reported DEFECT: 1. Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario? Customer replicates an item, however the receiving system does not have the relationship type defined in the process model.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF111222: "Need to change relationship" issue
Use two branch <branchA> and <branchB> Request is related as In-Response-To relationship to branchB#1. When the user trying to resolve conflict branchA#1 & branchB#1 to branchB#2, the In-response-to relationship request get related correctly to branchB#2.
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Desktop Client: Items and Changes relationships to requests are not shown
3. Open 2 projects 4. In both projects open the request catalogue and ensure there are two requests for both projects that have related items 5. Close and reopen Desktop Client
CMS-XML Dim RM 11.2.2: Edit of broken tracebility report isn't possible
"ERROR: Either the Class or the Relationship is not in the RTM database or the Class and Relationship are not correctly related No row extracted with the following SQL select class_id from class_definition where upper(class_name)=upper('<CLASS NAME>')"
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