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CMS-XML How to place a sub-relational field in a custom notification and email template
In the newer SBM version, we now require the $FIELDVALUE in notification and email templates to use the Database field name, rather then the logical field name.
CMS-XML SBM: About creating Notification Rules for Sub-Relational fields
The notification rule must be created on the workflow where the change will occur. Example 1: Notification on the sub-relational table (most commonly used for checking State) For example, let's say you have a setup such as this:
CMS-XML Sub-Relational field lost in rule notification configuration when promoting to a new environment.
It seem there is a problem with the sub relational field in the rule notification , because when you promote a process app to an another environment,all is good but in the notification rule you notice that the value specified in the column value is lost (only the sub - relational field ) in the notification rule. You have to manually fix it for each promote.
CMS-XML HTML is not being rendered in the notification for sub relational fields.
>>> example notification email where HTML not rendered: Notification Template: $BEGINSUBJECT() Jamie Account Authorization for $FIELDVALUE(SBM_NAME) $ENDSUBJECT()
CMS-XML Notification rule for sub-relational field pointing to State field only has "Changes" comparison available
When trying to create a notification rule on an auxiliary table that has a sub-relational field that points to the State field of a primary item, the only comparison that can be selected is "Changes". If the sub - relational field points to any other field on the primary item, the full list of comparison selections is available.
CMS-XML Notifications do not evaluate sub-relational field values
If you specify sub - relational fields in notifications , then single-selection and user type fields retain their internal IDs, rather than display values.
CMS-XML cannot create/modify notification rules for single-relational sub-relational fields
One cannot create/modify notification rules for sub - relational fields based on single- relational fields .
CMS-XML Notification emails show asterisks for sub-relational field values
For example, there are two workflows (Workflow A and Workflow B) that use the same primary table and there is a relational field used in Workflow B to point to items in Workflow A. There is a sub-relational field based on that relational field that points to a selection field that is used in Workflow A. This selection field is used only in Workflow A, but the notification is running against Workflow B where the selection field is in the Not Used field section.
CMS-XML Sub-relational options wrong in notification rule
A workflow is setup in such a way that there is a relational field to another primary table, as well as a sub - relational field tied to that relational field . When making a notification rule for this workflow to check for certain values of the sub-relational field, the wrong values will show if that sub-relational field is pointing to a system field.
CMS-XML Impossible to create a notification rule with sub-relational date field in case of 2 process apps
If you attempt to create a rule using a sub-relational date field from another application, you will get "error #1009" and the rule will not be saved. The original problem, reported in DEF131117 was fixed only when the sub - relational field is in a table in the same ProcessApp.
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