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CMS-XML 10.1.3.x : starting z/os agent => +MDH16SL0001E P83886872 T408085200 Failed to start pool manager / ABEND=SE06 - rc=20
when starting z/os agent, got this error in the output of the z/os listener : +MDHFVS4200054I DM_MVS_SPECIAL_CHARS=7B 5B 7C AD BD C0 D0 5F A1 5A 4F E0 79 +MDHFVS4200054I DM_CEE_RUNOPTS=TRAP(ON)
CMS-XML Dim10: After upgrade to Dimensions 10.1.2 dmpool fails to start on HPUX
DMLSNR 2008/03/04 17:12:58 I P27041 T1 Starting pool manager /opt/serena/dimensions/10.1/cm/prog/dmpool DMLSNR 2008/03/04 17:12:58 T P27041 T1 Starting /opt/serena/dimensions/10.1/cm/prog/dmpool for current user (uid=0,gid=3) DMLSNR 2008/03/04 17:12:58 T P27041 T1 socketpair 6, 7
CMS-XML Dim CM DMDEPLOYSRV: 'Unable to connect to database' with 'Failed to get a new connection from pool'
Following a restart of the Dimensions listener deployment jobs started to stall with just the status "Submitted" when viewed in the Deployment tab of Web Client. When the SDP trace file for the dmdeploysrv.exe process was checked there was a message indicating that the process had failed to connect to the database to scan for jobs because it failed to get a new connection from the pool.
CMS-XML 12.1.1 z/os agent : when starting it, got the error "MDH16SL0001E listenLocal: bind failed /tmp/dimensions_local_connect"
When starting the z/OS listener, the following error is shown: STC15992 00000090 +MDHPLE1600005I Dimensions Pool on pcms_sdp(6671) Started STC15992 00000090 +MDH16SL0001E P263959 T534043648 listenLocal: bind failed /tmp/dimensions_local_connect
CMS-XML Dim cm 12.x / 14.x : start of z/os listener fails with this message "MDHPLE1600008E MDHLSN1600006W No console handler parameters seen"
+MDHPLE1600008E P67109602 T431948288 MDHLSN1600006W No console handler parameters seen +MDHPLE1600006I P67109602 T431948288 Starting pool manager /u/serena/v14r3m03/dimt672/prog/MDHLPOOL +MDHLSN1600007I Dimensions Supervisor Ended
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Upgrade to 9.1.3 - Unable to access all the clients. "Failed to Start Dimensions server process"
2. Asked to get trace log. Only dmlsnr log is created. "dmlsnr 2006/03/21 20:13:36 E P11458 T1 Pool manager unexpectedly exited, restarting"
CMS-XML Dim : dmappsrv process start-up fails with this error message : "VRS: compaction on client timeout failed"
DMAPPSRV 2017/02/07 16:35:21 T P2640 T3976 Rollback on wait disabled DMAPPSRV 2017/02/07 16:35:21 T P2640 T3976 Waiting for message from pool manager DMAPPSRV 2017/02/07 16:35:21 T P2640 T3976 Accepted a client from pool manager
CMS-XML DimCM: Z/os: Start of z/os listener fails with message "MDHPLE1600008E find_host failed: 3 (Error: Connection refused by (1128). Check daemon is running.)
+MDHPLE1600008E P33554651 T432898048 Remote license check failed +MDHPLE1600004I Dimensions Pool Address Space Ended +MDHLCN1600005I Console Listener Exitting
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: dmlibsrv process fails to start when restricted mode is not set up correctly
Dimensions System Administrator User (Restricted Mode)" and also Administrator's Guide in the section "Configuring Dimensions CM Server Pooling ". Details concerning the parameter mentioned are included here for reference:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: MVSPRD syslog: ... remoteKeyCheck failed
Getting the following messages in MVS syslog when starting the DIMENSIONS ZOS listener Mar 13 21:13:02 MVSPRD syslog: dmlsnr 2006/03/13 21:13:02 I P67108961 T204476512 Starting pool manager /serena/run/dim671/prog/MDHLPOOL Mar 13 21:13:03 MVSPRD syslog: 2006/03/13 21:13:03 E P117 T206419936 remoteKeyCheck failed
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