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CMS-XML After installing VM 8.6.0 or newer, the SourceBridge menu in the Desktop Client no longer works.
On a system where the stand-alone SourceBridge .exe has been installed , the Tools | SourceBridge menu in the PVCS VM Desktop Client no longer functions. Using the SourceBridge menu brings up a dialog similar to:
CMS-XML SourceBridge does not Show in Version Manager Admin menu items;How do I install it?
Click on About TeamTrack | Product Information. Click on the link to install SourceBridge . After the installation, launch Version Manager.
CMS-XML SBM 2009 R3.1 does not install newest sourcebridge executables
KB Solution S137880 contains the correct version of the SourceBridge installation file. Follow the instructions in that Solution to update the sourcebridge.exe.
CMS-XML Required associations ignored if Sourcebridge not installed
"Require associations on checkin" setting on a project database is ignored in the following circumstances: if the user has the VM GUI, but not Sourcebridge (or Trackerlink), the checkin goes through without any error or attempted association. Also, if using PCLI, there is no mechanism to link the checkin with the issue tracking software. CLI deals with individual archives and has no knowledge of any associations in the first place.
CMS-XML Customer installed PVCS VM client and SourceBridge, but in the VM client SourceBridge is grayed out and unavailable.
PVCS VM 8.6 and newer now include SourceBridge in client installation, and user must select SourceBridge during VM Client install. The SourceBridge exe installer that was available for pre-8.6 VM versions is not applicable to the newer versions. Hence user must reinstall VM Client and select SourceBridge option during install.
CMS-XML Version Manager Desktop Client cannot connect to Sourcebridge integration on Windows
The Version Manager Desktop Client and Sourcebridge Integration are both installed on a client machine. However, trying to configure the Sourcebridge settings (Tools
CMS-XML Cannot get SourceBridge to work after upgrading from Tracker to SBM
When you install SourceBridge for Version Manager to connect it to SBM, you can run into an issue if you previously used Trackerlink to connect it to Tracker. In this scenario SourceBridge may not show up as being installed or usable by Version Manager.
CMS-XML VM I-Net (web client) users can no longer perform module associations with TeamTrack or SBM after installing JRE 1.6.0 Update 22 (1.6.0_22) or newer
Symptoms are: When TrackerLink/IssueLink is launched, for example by pressing the "Association Issues" button in the Check Out or Check In dialog, the "Merant Tracker: User Login" or " SourceBridge Web Client" dialog always comes up, even though the account info is normally remembered. After associating a module and closing the TrackerLink/IssueLink dialog, the OK button in the VM I-Net Check Out or Check In dialog does not work.
CMS-XML SourceBridge 6.6 not prompting for transition from VM even when configured
With Version Manager 8.1.0 and TeamTrack 6.6, SourceBridge does not prompt with the opportunity to transition to the next state when checking a file in from Version Manager even though it is configured in the User settings.
CMS-XML One or more VM I-Net Web Client users find that module assocations made via SourceBridge do not get stored if VM and SBM are both using SSO authentication
In a setup where SBM and VM are both configured to use SSO authentication , some users may find that SBM issues they associate during checkin do not get stored, despite those users being able to select and assocate issues in the SourceBridge Web Client dialog.
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