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CMS-XML ERROR -- Failed to send notification email to recipient < email address >: Could not connect to SMTP host: localhost, port: 25
Select the Application Repository and Event Manager tab Check the box to 'Use SMTP Mail Server for the Event Manager and Application Repository'. Enter the connection information for the SMTP server used by the Event Manager and Application Repository.
CMS-XML SMTP E-mail Configuration Tips.
these two settings are used to place the proper URL for issue links inside of the text of e-mail messages. Simply enter the computer name of the teamtrack Web server computer in the Web Server box, and the correct port (usually 80) in the Port box.
CMS-XML File system filling up quickly on NS server when there are many attachments on Mail-Client or Mail Recorder emails
The JBoss server \default\tmp\ns-attachments directory can fill up rapidly if your users send many or large attachments on email replies or when submitting items via email . ... This temporary directory holds copies of the attachments while they are being processed and it is possible that they are not deleted correctly .
CMS-XML KM-Dim6: PVCS Dimensions 6.0 Server SP2 for NT
... 6.0 Server SP2 for ... ... 6.0 Server Service Pack 2 ... ... 6.0 Server Service Pack 2 ... 6.0 Server (CD1 ... ... will install both Server Components (CD ... ... 0 SP1 Server (CD1 ... ... This will require Administrator privileges. All rights reserved. ... Dimensions Clients and Servers connected to this server be upgraded to ... ... Dimensions Client and Servers on the Dimensions ... Once all nodes have been upgraded ... ... on the Dimensions Server : PCMS_ ... 'PVCS Dimensions Server ' Service must ... ... on all Dimensions nodes that have Dimensions ...
CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
... an existing redundant server configuration, go ... ... the first 3 SERVER lines to match ... ... TCP/IP port and the end of each SERVER line where the ... Specifying this port is required as ... ... If the SLM servers will be behind ... about specifying a port for the merant ... SERVER this_host ... SERVER this_host ... SERVER this_host ... SERVER huey 012c ... SERVER dewey 023c ... SERVER louie 011c ... ... compare the 3 SERVER lines in this email with the ones ... ... matches between the email and the respective ... ... keys using the correct hostid for every ...
CMS-XML SBM: After promote changes, replication to other load balance and cluster servers does not occur (UDP Multicasting)
... How do the servers stay in sync ... ... load balanced AE servers or clustered Tomcat servers , it uses ... to "UDP Broadcasting ") to keep the servers in sync. ... , but " broadcast " is when everyone receives everything sent to the broadcast . ... the messages are sent to a specific ... by the those servers who are subscribed ... ... virtual IP and port are used. ... used by my servers ? ... virtual IP and ports used by SBM ... on the Component Servers view, on ... ... "Multicast group port " give the ...
PDF ChangeMan ZDD Server Installation Guide
... of the SERNET started task ). ... member with the correct IP address and ... ... 4: Add Port Address for ChangeMan ... ... 4: Add Port Address for ChangeMan ... ... the ChangeMan ZMF server act as a ChangeMan ZDD server , add an ... SERNET with a port address for ChangeMan ... ... the CMN= port application keyword parameter ... ... in the SERNET started task procedure. XCH= port ... ..where port is a number ... ... NOTE You will enter this same port ... in the New Server dialog box when ... or Remove a Server ” in the ...
CMS-XML Email submit fails with error "Failed to receive greetings from IMAP server"
12/07/2011 10:54:15: Begin Mailbox Processing, Number of Mailboxes: 1, Server Type: IMAP, Server Name:, Port : 993
CMS-XML More Actions button shows duplicate entries for "Printable View", "Click to Send Email" and "Copy URL to Clipboard"
Replace the wizard.js file attached below with the one in the following directory on the SBM server .
CMS-XML Can't submit item via email when using gmail server
INFO 15-10-2015 02:40:03 [MailClient] -- System field [Owner] is empty when Email submit transition. INFO 15-10-2015 02:40:22 [MailClient] -- Item "Plain text email submit" was successfully email submitted at project "Notifications Project" Issue appears only when we use Gmail server and send html email .
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