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CMS-XML Mapping a Tracker:Choice to SBM:Text field causes NULL values to be copied
Mapping a Tracker: Choice to SBM:Text field causes NULL values to be copied
CMS-XML How to copy the values of a multi select field from one item to another item via an orchestration workflow with web services.
In our example the "GetItem" method is used with a hard coded SBM id. This is the item whose multiselect field we will copy values from.
CMS-XML Dim RM 12.3: Not all attribute values are copied using the Copy option on the main RM Browser page
The resulting window that opens for the copied requirement doesn't have all attribute values copied. This is different to opening the donor requirement first and then clicking the Copy button on the requirement form. All relevant values are copied in this case.
CMS-XML Dim RM 12.2.1: Create New and Link option doesn't copy across Group Attribute values
2. Open the requirement and go to the link section 3. Select "Create New & Link" on the right-side of the display In the new requirement all attribute values are copied across except those from the group attributes.
CMS-XML How to import from a excel spreadsheet multiple values into multi-selection field - e.g. ERROR: ** No data was imported from source record 'BUG000012' because data mapped to field 'Unnamed' is not a valid selection: '456, 123'
1. Create duplicate line. Ex. Multi-selection value "123, 456", create 1st record with "123" and 2nd record as "456"
CMS-XML DIM10: Singlefield, multivalue attributes replicate rows when role selection is changed
In the Desktop client when you have a single-field, multi- value attribute with two or more rows in it and you switch between the two roles in the roles section it will duplicate the rows displayed. Steps to recreate: 1. Create or modify an attribute on a request type to be a single field, multivalue attribute
CMS-XML Deployment of Global Process App adds additional copies of selections to all AUX table single selection fields
The behavior will look as follows; If you have a deployed single selection field with two selectable values (lets say "YES" and "NO"), deploying your Global Process App will create duplicates of each value in that selection field when editing or creating a new record in that auxiliary table. So if you are originally seeing:
CMS-XML XML Import error : Transition name / selection field value is too long
<element name="TransitionName" type="ts:LongNameType"/> If there is another copy of the file in the "xmlschemas" directory, then make the change there also. Fixed in 6.5 and above
CMS-XML Composer crashes when go to options tab of certain transitions - Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException - InvalidArgument=Value of '2' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'
This issue is caused by " Duplicating " a transition in a sub workflow. If you are editing a sub workflow and click the duplicate option on a transition that is Inheriting from it's parent then when you click on the "Options" tab of the newly created transition you will get the error above. If you try to deploy or export this app you will get the second error and you won't be able to deploy.
CMS-XML No Default Value Option for Item Override during Transaction
[Steps to Reproduce ] Environment Windows Server 2003 SP2 Japanese
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