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PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
Use the SSO encryption options to protect vulnerable passwords in the SSO configuration files that are installed on your server. These passwords are not encrypted by default; therefore, to properly secure your installation, select an encryption algorithm and encrypt your SSO configuration files.
PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
158 Serena® Business Manager (SBM) encrypted by default; therefore, to properly secure your installation, select an encryption algorithm and encrypt your SSO configuration files.
CMS-XML DMCM: Java 8 known issue with SSL encryption impacts CM SSO\CAC on Solaris
When using SSO/CAC with Dimensions CM on Solaris, users may encounter the error: PRG7700117E Error: Incorrect response from Serena Single Sign On server has been received, please check the server is correctly configured . NCL0004747E Error: Failed to execute RPC 147
CMS-XML How to encrypt LDAP bind passwords stored in the Configuration.xml file of a VM SSO Server
< Setting Name="" Type="xsd:string">TopSecret</Setting>
CMS-XML Password encryption used in the Release Manager components
The Serena Release Manager solution mandates SSO ( Single-Sign On ) configuration , which is controlled by SBM. However, Release Automation/Nolio does not work with SSO yet. That means that Release Control/SBM and Release Vault/Dimensions CM would use SSO via SBM (which uses SHA-256) and Release Automation/Nolio would use its own password storage (which uses 3DES).
HTML Solutions Business Manager 11.4 Security Bulletin
Summary Secure JNDI Datasource Passwords (DEF298499) JNDI datasource passwords are now automatically encrypted using the security algorithm selected for SSO files in SBM Configurator. Encrypt Common Log Database Password on the Application Engine Server (DEF158004)
CMS-XML Readme for SBM 10.1 as of 9th February 2012
The SBM Configurator now enables you to manage encryption settings for SSO configuration file passwords throughout your installation. To encrypt SSO configuration file passwords for components such as the ALFSSOgatekeeper, ALFSSOLogin, and TokenService, use the encryption options on the General tab in the SBM Configurator's Security settings.
CMS-XML Dim: SSO or SSO CAC: How to change the LDAP Bind User password when SSO is enabled
By default, the LDAP Bind User password is encrypted within the Configuration.xml file which can be located in the following directories depending on the version of Dimensions CM: ... There are two methods to change the password, encrypted and not encyrpted. ... For encrypted password: ... This is a command line utility which will encrypt the password. ... Method 2. Un- encrypted password. ... < Setting Name=""Type="xsd:string">changeit</ Setting >
CMS-XML SBM 2009 R4 (and prior): How to generate new signed certificate trust keys for SBM and copy them to additional servers as needed (Renew SSO certificates)
... not related to SSO certificate expiration) ... ... . Determine if SSO is currently enabled ... ... select Options | Settings . If Single Sign On ( SSO ) is selected in the Authentication settings area, proceed ... 2. If SSO is not selected ... plan to enable SSO in the future ... ... 2. If SSO is currently enabled ... ... CN=Serena SSO IdP STS, ... Signature algorithm name: SHA ... Replacing Your SSO Certificates ... are using the SSO server that is ... the following Serena Single Sign-on ( SSO ) certificate renewal ... ... that hosts the SSO Engine.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: SSO CAC: How to change Bind User password when SSO CAC is enabled for Dimensions authentication
There is a file called sso_encstring.bat which is a command line utility to encrypt the password. ... If password is not encrypted : ... < Setting Name=""Type="xsd:string">changeit where <changeit> is the encrypted password
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