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CMS-XML RLC: When submit a new Release Package, user gets error "SOAP Fault String: Error writing to XMLStreamWriter" (any action using ScriptRunner)
The URL that RLC is using to communicate with the SBM Application Engine is not valid. This is typically set by Configurator from the settings on the Component Server and IIS Server views. Here are a couple tips to try:
CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "ERROR -- Failed to deploy event map for orchestration...: Access to this endpoint and/or SOAP action is not allowed"
2015-11-16 14:58:20,446 INFO [QuartzScheduler_Worker-1] [STDOUT] [::] -- Retrieving schema at 'RESTCaller.xsd', relative to 'C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Common\jboss405\server\default\work\jboss.web\localhost\mashupmgr\ser5253671982407517671\alf
CMS-XML The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /eventmanager/services/ALFEventManagerDocLit and the WSA Action = null
A SOAP call to the SBM Event Manager to trigger an orchestration may get an error of "The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /eventmanager/services/ALFEventManagerDocLit and the WSA Action = null. If this EPR was previously reachable, please contact the server administrator." This could be caused by missing headers such as SOAPAction that are required for the call that were added in newer versions of SBM. The call should work once all required headers are added.
CMS-XML How to use an SBM SSO Token in a soap request instead of hard coding a username and password
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=" soap /envelope/" xmlns:urn="urn:sbmappservices72">
CMS-XML SBM: Error "Failed to obtain security token" and "soap_wsse_verify_X509" when deploying to some environments
Unable to create new environments from the Application Repository (Mashup Manager) Errors deploying to some environments give error: ERROR -- Failed to obtain security token: Web Services http://servername:80/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbminternalservices72 returned an error: " soap _wsse_verify_X509"
CMS-XML SOAP Fault String "Unexpected subelement XXXX"
SBM 2009 R3.01
CMS-XML Cannot import WSDLs that use types defined in the SOAP encoding name space
SBM 2008 R1
CMS-XML Webservice returns incorrect value for date fields when SOAP request uses section parameters
SBM 11.6.1
CMS-XML WSDLs using SOAP 1.2 are allowed to be imported in Composer but do not work properly
CMS-XML Missing soap:address location definition in WSDL crashes Composer at publish time with exception in msvcr80.dll
SBM 2008 R1.03
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