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CMS-XML No licenses are read by the License Manager ; hostid is ffffffff
Under some circumstances the SLM Server service / Serena License Server service doesn't start properly, because it cannot find any network adapters immediately following a system reboot. This can happen when using network adapters that need some time to initialize.
CMS-XML Cannot start Serena License Manager (SLM) the catalina.out shows: hostid is (Can't get hostid of type 2 [])
Cannot start Serena License Manager ( SLM ) the catalina.out shows: hostid is (Can't get hostid of type 2 [])
CMS-XML What is the SLM License Server HOSTID value for the Locking information field on the SLD site, and how should the generated key be applied to SLM?
or Rehost is used to generate a new SLM license key, the Locking information field is requesting an SLM License Server HOSTID
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Invalid hostname or hostID errors with FlexLM license files
You will need to follow the steps below. Find out the correct server name where the Flexlm license manager is started. Unix:
CMS-XML SLM GUI includes unusable licenses in the available count
When a license is added for a HOSTID that does not match that of the host, the license count is still added to the total of available licenses in the SLM GUI. Likewise, temporary licenses that have expired remain included in the total as well.
CMS-XML SLM 2.3.0 mlclient fails to check named licenses out if the first key in the license file for that feature is invalid
If the serena.lic file has multiple named license keys for a feature, and the first of those keys is invalid (for example due to a bad signature, mismatched HOSTID , expired temporary license, etc.), then the valid keys will get skipped and none of the named licenses for that feature can be checked out, (typically) showing the error:
CMS-XML MLM: How to obtain a license when License Manager has no internet connection.
from the directory where the License Manager was installed to. If you are running License Manager v2.0.0.0 build B071 or later, the HOSTID is also displayed in the bottom left of the window on the Licensing tab. Go to a machine that has web access.
CMS-XML Setting the license manager port
SERVER <ServerName> < HostId > <PortNumber> For example: given the host QCREQMAPP01 at HostId 005056ab546b the SERVER line will read:
CMS-XML SLM Error: Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)
This message is the result of having a key in the license file (serena.lic) that was generated using a different HostID than the one listed on the SERVER line in that file.
CMS-XML Serena License Manager GUI (serenalm) fails to launch with a Java exception on Solaris if the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 is defined
at pvcs.flexlm.licensemanager.Licensing. hostId (Unknown Source)
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