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CMS-XML ZMF task hangs when doing port attack scan.
2012/02/10 03:54:41.17 SER1020I CMN TCP/IP RECEIVE: RC =FFFF ErrNo = 54 TCA=2A456000 Task=CMN TCB=009BAE88 TIE=2A479F50 Sock=0001
CMS-XML S0C4-11 CMNHTTP+16C shutting down task after TCP/IP problems at start-up
SER1023E There are no TCP/IP procedures active SER1020I TCP/IP INITAPI: RC = 00 FFF ErrNo =10218 TCA=00009000 Task= SER TCB=008FF208 TIE=15819E50 Sock=0000 ...
CMS-XML Unexplained TCP/IP connectivity issues to ZMF Server started task
2021/03/04 05:37:14.59 1028E000 SER1020I CMNSTART TCP/IP CLOSE: RC = 00 FFF ErrNo
CMS-XML TCPIP errors -- Cannot connect except from local host; errno=1027
2012/06/18 03:00:50.66 SER1020I CMN TCP/IP TAKESOCKET: RC =FFFF ErrNo =121 TCA=38484000 Task=CMN TCB=006AE628 TIE=384E5F50 Sock= 00
CMS-XML Started task TCP/IP ErrNo=47s binding to ports
2016/07/19 00:20:05.90 SER1020I CMN TCP/IP SOCKET: RC =FFFF ErrNo =47 TCA=15F84000 Task=CMN TCB=008C17D0 TIE=15FB8350 Sock=0000
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF STC hangs after SER1020I GETPEERNAME failure
2014/06/16 13:40:23.82 SER1020I CMN TCP/IP GETPEERNAME: RC =FFFF ErrNo =57
CMS-XML TT4ZMF: XML service schemas installed into folder inaccessible to the polling service
2006/05/15 09:34:33.36 SER1020I TEAMTRK TCP/IP RECEIVE: RC =0000 ErrNo =0 TCA=1338D000 Task=CMN TCB= 00 AD93F8 TIE=12DCFF50 Sock=0001
CMS-XML Windows search function leads to 378-24 and repetitive S0C4 & S0C1 abends in STC
2011/05/11 13:44:08.98 SER1020I T228000 TCP/IP SEND: RC =FFFF ErrNo =1027 TCA=20DF1000 Task=CMN TCB=009BF9C0 TIE=20E88F50 Sock=0001
Explanation: Information, there are no active TCP/IP procedures. SER1020I {SERNET-TASK} TCP/IP {FUNCTION}: RC ={CODE} ErrNo ={ERROR} TCA={TCA- ADDRESS} Task={SERNET-TASK} TCB={TCB-ADDRESS} TIE={TIE-ADDRESS} Sock={SOCKET} Explanation: TCP/IP error information for function FUNCTION.
PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF 5.3 Installation Guide
SER1020I {0,S8:-8} TCP/IP {1,S}: RC ={2,X2:04} ErrNo ={3,N4} TCA={4,X4:08} Task={5,S8} TCB={6,X4:08} TIE={7,X4:08} Sock={8,X2:04}
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