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CMS-XML How to Postpone Work Center Search Re-Index After an SBM Upgrade
SBM 11.3.1
CMS-XML No results on Work Center search - Spontaneous re-index of table
SBM 11.2
CMS-XML Work Center search - Full re-index failed for items with projectID = NULL
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML Work Center search - re-indexing the same item several times if it was updated several times
CMS-XML Work Center Search Re-index is required if you change the Application Engine database connection or the index directory
SBM 11.0
CMS-XML Indexing failures in case of shared index directory in a cluster - Error in ssf.log: Previous full re-index attachments is not finished. Try to start full re-index in a few minutes.
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML How to pre-index an SBM database before an upgrade
The Work Center search index is automatically rebuilt when Tomcat is started for the first time after the upgrade. Depending on the size of the database, the re-index can take a considerable amount of time. During the re-index, SBM will be available for use; however, Work Center or SRC search my not return all expected results.
CMS-XML How could I schedule a full re-index for the Work Center search engine.
Versions of SBM prior to 11.0: The attached Word doc talks about how to schedule a task on the Common Services box that will remove a file which in turn causes a full re-index. The attachment
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5+: Disable Returning Attachments in Work Center Search Results (How to turn off Smart Search indexing for attachments)
You are planning an upgrade and expect the re-index to take too long. After an upgrade, the indices are rebuilt automatically when JBoss/Tomcat is started. It could take a considerable amount of time for the re-index to complete and performance will be very slow until it finishes.
CMS-XML SBM: Work Center search returns items that have already been archived
When items are archived through the System Administrator, the archived items are not removed from the Smart Search index so they are returned in the Work Center search until a re-index is performed. Also, when items are restored from the archive, they are not indexed. They do not get returned by the Work Center search until a re-index is performed.
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