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CMS-XML SBM: How to clear the JBoss cache
Start the Serena Common Jboss service. NOTE: The first time you login after clearing the cache will take longer than normal because the cache will need to rebuild. NOTE: If you also need to clear the IIS cache, see KB S141056 .
CMS-XML System hang or poor performance in systems with large numbers of users - Unable to obtain read lock on the '20' cache after trying 1 time(s)
By default Auto Folder of items is enabled in SBM . This means that every time a new user is created 7 new folders are created in TS_FOLDERS. This table is loaded into cache and can grow very large with alot of users.
CMS-XML SBM: Workcenter takes a very long time to load, sometimes more than 30 seconds
The root cause of this problem appears to be the 1000s of projects/sub-projects that are loaded repeatedly. Future versions of SBM will optimize the SQL query and also load the list of projects into cache for faster loading
CMS-XML How to make the Date/Time picker in SBM 11.0+ show all minutes instead of 5 minute increments.
Open a date picker control now and verify that all the minutes show in the list. ( You might have to delete browser cache to see changes )
CMS-XML How to clear the SBM cache from IIS without restarting IIS
How to clear the SBM cache from IIS without restarting IIS
CMS-XML Endpoints using NTLM authentication cache the password when used with SBM Proxy
SBM 11.6
CMS-XML SBM login form should cater for "framebusting" to avoid clearing cache on upgrades
SBM 11.0
CMS-XML SBM: Server log have man errors saying: Unable to locate a BeanInfo cache for class
SBM 11.3
CMS-XML Delays in getting an SLM license causing login lag for TeamTrack/SBM
Unable to obtain write lock on the 'CacheMgr Concurrent Vars' cache after trying 3 time ( s ). Lock held in file .\CacheMgr.cpp line 2227. Lock attempted from .\CacheMgr.cpp:2227;
CMS-XML How to force browsers to refresh caches after changing SBM JavaScript files
There is a way to force a mass browser cache refresh from the server by making a file change on the SBM web server. This will circumvent the need to instruct all end-users to clear their browser cache or simply waiting until the browser naturally refreshes the cache with new file versions from the web server.
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