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CMS-XML SBM 11.5 Hotfix 1 - Security Hotfix for following CVE's - CVE-2018-19641 (Unauthenticated remote code execution), CVE-2018-19642 (Denial of service attack), CVE-2018-19643 (Unauthenticated web services), and CVE-2018-19644 (Reflected cross-site scripting)
This hotfix should only be applied on top of SBM 11.5. If you are running a different version or if you have already installed a different SBM 11.5 hotfix, contact Serena Support. Please note that these CVE's are also fixed in SBM 11.4.2 - please go to the Support Site downloads section if you require this version..
CMS-XML SBM: About adding more Smart Search facets (When are items reindexed after adding "allow search" to a field)
NOTE : SBM 11.5 (only this exact version) has slightly different steps. See KB S142755 .
HTML Solutions Business Manager 11.5 Security Bulletin
Recommendation For detailed upgrade steps from earlier versions of SBM , refer to the SBM 11.5 release notes .
CMS-XML SBM: Login screen shows error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded"
<MaxHeapSize>256m</MaxHeapSize> Then, restart IIS. NOTE : Beginning in SBM 11.5 , the default is 256m.
CMS-XML tag is not getting rendered by Mail Client upon inserting emails as notes
SBM 11.5
CMS-XML HTML email notes not rendering HTML tags in Social View
SBM 11.5
CMS-XML Plus sign to expand Message Address Details in Notes section does not work on Responsive Form
SBM 11.5
CMS-XML On transition form, when you click on the plus sign on a NoteLogger note you may get a javascript error in the Message Address Details
SBM 11.5
CMS-XML Email recorder responses sent are not getting added as a note on the item - "org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Invalid white space character (0x1) in text to output"
SBM 11.5
CMS-XML SBM Scheduler does not list all events
SBM 11.5
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