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CMS-XML High CPU and memory on Common Services server hosting the Work Center indexer
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML High CPU on database for Application Repository at midnight and also when selecting to purge the "Audit History log"
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML Logging on takes a long time. Can't open workcenter if token is not valid - high CPU activity
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML Calendar without timeranges may cause infinite loop in SLA engine - The SLA widget shows “No SLA status” for these items - CPU high on Common Services server
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML High SQL Server CPU for systems with more than 100 cached tables
SBM 11.4 .1 Hotfix 4
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 4: Database spikes to 99-100% CPU - contention around the TS_USERS table
DEF324072: Since upgrade to 11.4.1 database CPU spikes and there is lock contention on the TS_USERS table DEF324236: High database CPU for systems with more than 100 cached tables DEF324736: Export of Application Administrator Localization Strings performance issues and a high SQL CPU load
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 3: Ability to turn on/off the automatic Audit Monitoring purge (workaround for DEF320998)
ENH335067: As a workaround to DEF320998 ( High CPU on database at midnight and when selecting to purge the "Audit History log") which cannot be addressed in a patch, this enhancement will give the ability to turn on/off the automatic Audit Monitoring purge. After this hotfix is installed, the mashupmgr.cfg will have option called "AR_MONITORING_ENABLE" which will be set to "false" to disable the automtic purge.
CMS-XML Common Services Tomcat server spike to 100% CPU and unresponsive
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML Email with lots of replies can cause the email recorder server to hang and CPU to increase
SBM 11.4
CMS-XML Deployment from Composer with 11.4 breaks Rest Grids if either no results or 1 result (e.g. no array) - browser hangs and CPU spikes towards 99% - 'long running script' error
SBM 11.4
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