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CMS-XML Error "You do not have permission to create a search specification beginning with @WHERE" when running SQL Pass-thru reports
The error is: We're sorry, but the last operation caused an error. The last operation resulted in an error, but the following unrecognized error code was received: You do not have permission to create a search specification beginning with @WHERE. The server was processing this URL when this message was created: http://myServer/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF113237: Compare version selects 1 index offset wrong
Found in Dimensions CM 10.1.1 By comparing items revisions of a particular item, the compare will select automatically the first selected version with the previous one, ignoring any other selected version. Steps to reproduce:
CMS-XML How can I make the Calendar date picker or the Calendar Feed report start on Monday as the beginning of the week instead of Sunday?
C:\Program Files\Serena\Business Mashups\Application Engine\bin\javascript\CalendarPopup.js Search for "c.weekStartDay = 0;" Replace the value with c.weekStartDay = 1;
CMS-XML SBM 11+: Creating Query Views for Advanced Reports (SBM Advanced XML Report)
The name of the column without the "TS_" in front. Every column returned from the SQL must be begin with "TS_", but the "TS_" must be removed from the dbname property. In other words, the SQL SELECT statement must alias every column to start with "TS_" (e.g.: TS_MYTEXTFIELD), but the dbname should only be "MYTEXTFIELD".
PDF SBM Reporting Guide
contains Use this operator to search for keywords in a Text field or Sub-Relational field or the Item Type Prefix option. SBM automatically includes wildcard characters at the beginning and the end of the search criteria . For example, type the value icons for a title search and the "contains" operator to return all items that contain the word "icons" in the title.
CMS-XML Using Brackets in Search Criteria for Relational Fields Set to Zoom Search
To use the bracket searching mechanism on Relational fields with Zoom Search enables, users can enter any number of letters within the brackets or use several brackets to receive the search results. For example, enter [jc] to return any values that begin with a j or c, such as Jill, Joe, Jeff and Chad, and Chris.
CMS-XML S0C4 abend in batch retrieve OFFSET=0000286C
S0C4 abend in batch retrieve OFFSET =0000286C
CMS-XML abend offset on master menu for CICS does not match that found in storage
The abend offset found for the program on the StarSpy master menu for CICS does not match that found program storage found in option 5 - control blocks.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF102385: Deployment area nodes not show files in webclient's project view
When a deployment area (e.g. Id=DEP) is assigned to a project and no offset is given, the project tree will show the node as DEP and there are no objects found for the node. The node should be shown as DEP::, then all the subdirs and files could be shown.
CMS-XML MCLG 4.5: How to force an AssetQuery to skip folders before beginning its search
IMPORTANT: The SkipLevels property will be ignored if the AssetQuery uses the " query " attribute.
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