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CMS-XML Example script demonstrating the ReadWithWhere() method in Mashup/Team Script Reference is faulty
Example script demonstrating the ReadWithWhere () method in Mashup/Team Script Reference is faulty
CMS-XML ModScript: ReadWithWhere scripting method does not have nolock option
ModScript: ReadWithWhere scripting method does not have nolock option
CMS-XML TeamScript: AppRecordList.ReadWithWhere default sort order is not TS_ID
TeamScript: AppRecordList. ReadWithWhere default sort order is not TS_ID
CMS-XML AppScript call "ReadWithWhere()" BOOLEAN, not LONG INT
AppScript call " ReadWithWhere ()" BOOLEAN, not LONG INT
CMS-XML TT66: Reported Defect DEF116325: TeamScript: problem with GetDisplayValue on a Multi Select field
Set obj = Ext.CreateVarRecord(1202) Call obj. ReadWithWhere ("TS_ID = 2230") Set objFlds = obj.Fields()
CMS-XML UGBase Member function should return a Long Integer
What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Option Explicit Dim oObj, oGroup, oGroupList Set oObj = Ext.CreateAppRecordList(Ext.TableId("TS_GROUPS")) If oObj. ReadWithWhere ("TS_ID >0 ", "TS_ID") Then Set oGroupList =oObj For Each oGroup In oGroupList ' Next line should be: ' If Shell.User.Member(oGroup.GetId()) Then ' OR ' ' If Shell.User.Member(oGroup.GetId())
CMS-XML TeamScript Release Notes for TeamTrack 6.3
3. When populating Text/Memo fields using TeamScript, TeamTrack now honors the character limit of the database. 4.When calling ReadWithWhere (WhereClause), if you use the optional [orderByClause] parameter, the script no longer hangs. Known Problems in TeamTrack 6.3
CMS-XML TeamScript's Read(recordIdOrName) breaks when used against TS_FIELDS
The workaround is that if you use a ReadWithWhere () you don't receive an error message.
CMS-XML GetFieldValue and SetFieldValue with TS_FIELDNAME doesn't throw error
1. Throw an error in the ui so the developer knows there is a problem. 2. Be smart enough to know that if the code is TS_TITLE that they really mean the field name called Titlle No errors are ever thrown and you just assume the ReadWithWhere before it isn't finding any records when it fact it is but the field names for GetFieldValue and SetFieldValue aren't right and the script will just finish like nothing bad happened.
CMS-XML If a form field equals a certain value, require a file be attached before a transition can happen. Sample app script.
set myAttachmentList = Ext.CreateAppRecordList(Ext.TableId("TS_ATTACHMENTS")) ok = myAttachmentList. ReadWithWhere (whereClause) ' Count the number of attachments
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