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CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF Plugin Hotfix 2.2.1 for RLC - Ability to remove specific ZMF actions that do not apply
The following items were addressed in this hotfix: ENH300326: Need to be able to remove specific ZMF actions that do not apply To unzip and install the hotfix:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: CBL will result in Baseline already exists when trying to recreate a baseline that hasn't been completely deleted.
SQL> select * from bln_spec_catalogue where obj_id like '%<baseline id>%'; If any rows are returned the baseline is not deleted .
CMS-XML Cannot delete tasks in Release Package which have many tasks and were created before installing RLC 6.2.1 HF3
Task is not deleted . The user will see an error similar to the following:
CMS-XML RLC: When no deployment unit is attached to an SDA task, the SDA task runs and finish as Success
If a user creates an SDA task and forgets to select a Deployment Unit, the Deployment Automation task runs and finish as Success.
CMS-XML RLC: You must not delete the default tags from the plugins data file. Doing so can cause severe errors in Release Control Administration.
"Deployment Unit" tag for Component Version and Snapshot types "Execution" tag for Component Version Actions and Snapshot actions types These values must not be deleted from the underlying system, even if you add tags for custom plugins.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to remove Microsoft JVM completely in Windows Platfrom
You might want to remove the Microsoft JVM, which Microsoft no longer supports, in favor of the more recent Sun Microsystems JVM. To remove the Microsoft JVM, perform the following steps:
CMS-XML Schedule window opens too far left, hiding most of the fields (RLC 6.2.1 with SBM 11.4)
DESCRIPTION:The schedule window is too far to the left. It is not moveable and some fields are not visible.
CMS-XML RLC: Task is not prompting for the parameters for Jenkins job; After select a job, the job automatically changes and must be selected again
The rlc.log will show a line suc as this: DEBUG 09-09-2020 17:04:15,077 [https-jsse-nio-8243-exec-10] [JenkinsClientImpl:279] - End executing Jenkins GET request to url="[name,displayName,fullName,fullDisplayName
CMS-XML RLC: Creating task template from Release Package, get error "Unsafe SSL is not allowed. Client certificate doesn't needed. Couldn't connect."
This is a misleading error. The problem is actually a timeout . The system is trying to run the task validation sequence after the copy.
CMS-XML Dim10: Item created even though 'Owning Design Part' field is not filled in correctly or completely
3) Specify item type, item format and request; 4) Put a comment in the "Comment" field; 5) Delete the contents of the "Owning Design Part" field;
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