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CMS-XML RLC: Jenkins tasks are not prompting for the Job Parameters
The Jenkins job needs to setup as parameterized. Then, Release Control will ask for those parameters automatically. Here is a link from Jenkins about setting up parameterization:
CMS-XML RLC: Task is not prompting for the parameters for Jenkins job; After select a job, the job automatically changes and must be selected again
Notice that the JSON call is requesting the values for name, displayName, fullName, and fullDisplayName, but Jenkins is only returning name and displayName. This is the root causing of the missing parameters and the selection behavior. You will need to work with your Jenkins team to address this issue.
PDF Serena Release Control: Jenkins Plugin Quick Reference
Case 4: 1. Enter the Release Control user and password in Global Jenkins credentials. Description must be set to RLC as shown in the following figure. 2. Add and set the RLC _URL parameter in the Jenkins environment variables (Manage Jenkins > Configure system) as shown in the following figure.
CMS-XML RLC: Passing parameters to task, using "Custom Task Validation Rules", using "Custom DU Validation Rules", creating custom code to be passed (Two-way link between Release Package and Manual Task)
Beginning in RLC 6.2.3, you can pass information about the Release Package to the tasks. You can pass this information to any task that allows parameters .
CMS-XML Mapping the Custom Column Parameters to an Auxiliary Table (if upgrading from RLC 6.0 without importing the process app snapshots)
Instead of manually entering the custom column parameters in each widget instance across the multiple forms in Serena Composer, you map the parameters in the widgets to an auxiliary table item, which contains the custom column information. This allows you to easily change the custom columns by modifying the auxiliary item using Application Administrator, instead of having to change the parameters within Serena Composer and deploy the application.
CMS-XML RLC: Submit Release Train gives "RLCScriptRunnerServiceEndpoint.runScript" error when calling "createDeploymentPath.groovy"
The RLC.log gives this error: DEBUG 27-03-2019 17:05:33 [ajp-nio-6009-exec-29] [GroovyExecutorServiceImpl:78] - Groovy Script executor has received following params : path: createDeploymenPath.groovy
CMS-XML RLC: Passing custom SBM fields to Release Control tasks fields
NOTE: Remember to use the format ${PROP_NAME }, where PROP_NAME is the keyword setup in step 1. DEBUG 18-10-2019 14:36:49,638 [ajp-nio-6009-exec-4] [ GroovyExecutorServiceImpl:91] - Groovy Script executor has received following params : path: setCustomParameters_MyCompany.groovy version: Debrecen Notice, the name of my custom groovy file is given.
CMS-XML Getting ERROR: Access forbidden with Jenkins Plugin step
ERROR: Access forbidden! Please check username and password parameters !
CMS-XML RLC: Setting up a silent install of Release Control
Attached is a batch script to simplify the install. When using this script, pass in parameters for the location of the installer, the install file name, and the installation location. For example, it may look like this:
CMS-XML RLC: Some environments show all Release Packages on Deployment Units tab, should only show Release Packages which use this environment
On the Deployment Units tab, select the DeploymentUnitWidget. In the Properties, on the Parameters screen, update the " Parameters (SSV db_name=value)" field to be: F_TS_ENVIRONMENT_TTID=: Step 2: Update the Deployment Units for Environment report
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