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CMS-XML MAP RELINK LCT results in PDS844E Syntax error
MAP RELINK LCT results in PDS844E Syntax error
CMS-XML Incorrect message displayed during relink if LCT baseline is empty.
Incorrect message displayed during relink if LCT baseline is empty.
CMS-XML ENH262737 provides the ability to use an LCT for RELINK, but does not allow the input library type to be specified.
Customer needs to be able to use RELINK in ZMF for Eclipse, the same way it is used in ISPF ZMF. ISPF ZMF allows the “Input library type” to be specified, which can include like-OBJECT library types.
CMS-XML ERO Staging LCT not included in CMNSSIDN
ERO Staging LCT not included in CMNSSIDN
CMS-XML Incorrect SYNCH18 is produced, when LCT is added to package after SRC has been staged.
When an LCT creates a load module with a different name than the source and the source is staged without the LCT being added to the package, a SYNCH18 is produced by audit when the LCT is subsequently added. If the LCT is added to the package, prior to staging the source, a SYNCH0 is produced.
CMS-XML ERO LCT member not included from the prior release
When changes are made to an LCT member in a prior release, the changes are not picked up the when the component is staged , recompiled, or relinked in the current release.
CMS-XML XML Service PACKAGE CMPONENT INTEGRTY error when a load module is relinked
When you relink and rename a load module from baseline using LCT cards, the relationship shows up when you do a QP and select ‘Source and Load Relationship’ as follows: SOURCE LOAD NAME TYPE NAME TYPE STATUS PROMOTION CHANGED ID
CMS-XML Relink after Compile has no SYNCH error
Checkout SRC and LCT with same name, compile SRC and then relink the corresponding LOD into another lib type and then modify the SRC again. Now, audit the pkg.
CMS-XML ERR0409 is unresolvable, LCT/LOD, missing LOD
associated load module ERO audit correctly reports an ERR0409. Attempts to resolve this by relinking the load module in the package and then checking it in do not work. The ERR0409 is still reported.
CMS-XML Replace a sub-routine using RELINK
There are several possibilities to solve this problem: 1. Ensure that all 'composite' load modules have linkcards ( LCT ). 2. Modify skel CMN$$SSI to contain the following logic:
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