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CMS-XML What is "ParamsInUserCache" used for?
What is " ParamsInUserCache " used for?
CMS-XML Cannot connect on opening SBM User Workspace, server identifies client by IPv6
SBM is opened Traced request/response - when the server identifies a client with IPv6 it writes parameter ParamsInUserCache =fe70%3a%3ac48e%3a7e1c%3a8342%3a3810%25114 and fails afterwards, when this parameter contains IPv4 symbols only, login is successful.
CMS-XML You can only make 32 single-relational fields searchable via the 'Appears on searches for this table' and still be able to run 'Advanced Search'
The server was processing this URL when this message was created: http://w2k8-az1/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?uqcwekzm&ReportPage& ParamsInUserCache =8%3a10.130.13.765633 This issue does not occur on 64bit version of SBM.
CMS-XML Cannot delete item if Delete transition is set up with authentication
User: robot_integrator Request: sid=wcieptic&shell=swc&TransitionPage&template=itemdelete&ProjectId=36&RecordId=89&TableId=1028&TransitionId=2&RecordLockId=0&Action=ItemDelete& ParamsInUserCache =383%3a172.20.82.48_781655709 This problem appears only when the system Delete transition is set up to run with Authentication.
CMS-XML Deleting a contact from the SBM Administrator tool in the Contacts Auxiliary table you may get the following error in the UI and the contact doesn't get deleted. "An exception occurred while attempting to fetch a record count or a record integer value from the database"
The server was processing this URL when this message was created: http://sbm-10121/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?sid=fyuuzkwo&TransitionPage&template=itemdelete&ProjectId=1&RecordId=7&TableId=38&TransitionId=2&RecordLockId=0&Action=ItemDelete& ParamsInUserCache =3%3a10.31.41.469961 Or
PDF Serena Release Control Installation Guide
You'll see the following error in the network log: /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?sid=zmgmuxih&StdPage&Template=error& ParamsInUserCache = ... You can confirm this by searching for this report in Report Center under All Reports. If the report is missing, you can either re-promote the snapshot with Merge Conflicts selected or create the report yourself. See Creating the DU Execution Log Report Manually [page 53].

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