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CMS-XML How to change the License Server used by PVCS Version Manager
Point to the wrong server may trigger error messages similar to: Cannot connect to license server system Could not connect to license server "
CMS-XML VM: How to perform a silent installation of Version Manager on Windows (automatic installation with being prompted for license server, etc.)
Invalid switch - "/s". In short: avoid paths with spaces or use the 8dot3name format to access them. When including IDE integrations in the recorded answer file, make sure the selected IDE integration(s) exist on the target systems or the installer will fail.
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager: Where is the ISLV.INI / .islvrc file located and can the location of that file be changed?
This file includes information telling VM how to behave but also where to look for the Merant/ Serena License Manager Server and the Version Manager File Server. If the VM client is not reading the appropriate file, the clients may not successfully read project data through the File Server or may not be able to connect to the License Manager Server.
CMS-XML Installing VM on Windows as a 30-day EVAL still prompts user to enter License Server
You can download a modified installer from KB article P2496 that correctly handles the 30-day EVAL mode. This issue is also resolved in the VM 8.2.1 release.
CMS-XML Unable to enter a License Server in Version Manager using the format PortNumer@HostName
@HostName Alternate solution: manually change the ISLV.INI file in the directory %ISLVINI% or, if that variable is not defined, the directory %windir% UNIX:
PDF Merant Tracker Installation Guide
... 37 getting from Merant 29 getting without web access 32 how many you have 38 keeping track 23 obtain from Merant 26 process example 25 reporting on 37 selecting 26 setting time-out for web client 38 setting up named users automatically 36 setting up named users manually 36 troubleshooting 39 upgrading an eval 40 utilities 37 when to purchase 26 workstation, how to 56 License Manager tool, where to find 28 license models concurrent 24 example of 24 floating 24 named 24 using together 24 license server changing 39 host ID, how to find 32 ...
CMS-XML License Manager does not auto-add users even though the checkbox is enabled in the Serena License Manager UI
Manually update the licmgr.ini file in the License Manager directory. Look for the section: [AUTOADD_FEATURES] Add the feature(s) desired and set to "true" Example: For Version Manager named licenses, add: VersionManager_named=true Save the changes and restart the Serena License Manager .
CMS-XML VM: Known issues with Version Manager
1. Any single user cannot open more than one PDB at a time when using Professional_named licenses. In the Merant License Server directory, modify the file licmgr.ini file such that the '[AUTOADD_FEATURES]' section includes 'VersionManager_named=true', even if you don't have VersionManager_named licenses.
CMS-XML Version Manager is storing the ISLV.INI file in the wrong directory (C:\WINDOWS, %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Windows)
Symptoms include: An inability to preserve setting changes across sessions ( License Server , File Server, View | Sort, View | Filter, View | Options, etc.) Seeing different settings depending on whether or not VM is launched using Run as administrator.
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager license errors
(Windows) or vmreg (Linux/UNIX) to change the license server , then restart the client. Ensure the license server machine can be accessed as specified (accessible from DNS
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