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CMS-XML DimCM: Error: Action Item - PCC0004599E Error: Cannot find status REJECTED for QLARIUS-DAT
Recently the REJECTED lifecycle state was removed from the lifecycle. An item, however, was still in this state and they attempted to Action the item.
CMS-XML Dm12: Actioning an item returns the ACL4500343E error
When running command AI customer receives the error : ACL4500343 E Error : /tcp - unknown service
CMS-XML "COR0005671E Request action descriptions are being edited by " error message when editing detailed description
When trying to edit the detailed description for a request the following error message is sometimes displayed: - XDATA "UPDATE_DBFILE" /PARAMETER=(CLASS=CHDOC, ATTR=10000, UID=176944101, USER_FILENAME="R:\DOCUME~1\IN1200~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\1\pt117c20.HTM") Edit Detailed Description: COR0005671E Request <request id> action descriptions are being edited by <user id>
CMS-XML Dim CM : TBI => ART0005730E Errors prevent further action - see reports
The TBI command fails with this error message : ART0005730E Errors prevent further action - see reports How can you get more details regarding the error (s) reported?
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF107066: COR0005354E Error: Cannot action currently checked out Project"
Description: The problem occurs in Dimensions 10 when attempting to action a locked workset/project. 1. LOCK Workset -- operation completed.
CMS-XML Dim: COR0005355E Error: You are not allowed to action this Item as it is currently locked
The above error can occur when the item exists in multiple projects/streams and one of the project/stream are locked. The items will not be actionable or updateable from another project/stream unless the user has the role of PRODUCT-MANAGER for the item's product. For further details, see the Command-line Reference Guide and the command of LCK.
CMS-XML DIM10: User attempts to add action description and gets error: COR0005526E: Unknown '618' privilege
The upgrade to Dimensions 10.1.3 adds a new privilege, for "Add Action Description" . The definition for this privilege is added to the database as part of the schema upgrade. If the database schema has not been upgraded to Dimensions 10.1.3 then this error may occur.
CMS-XML Dimensions 2009R2 - Action Request Error COR0005670E
Select the request in question, look at the related Design part then go to global workset and look at all related items to that design part, any you find that is checked out, uncheck it out and you should be able to action the request. Alternately just look in the Global catalogue for that request and check all related items.
CMS-XML DimCM: Actioning requests to the final state could cause errors NCL4501392E and NCL0004747E
Action Request - Warning: Request TEST_SCR_14 has reached the final status NCL4501392E Uncaught unknown exception NCL0004747 E Error : Failed to execute RPC 23
CMS-XML Dim CM: COR0005355E Error: You are not allowed to action this Item as it is currently locked
The Project PRODUCTA:PROJECTA is locked, and you do not have the "Bypass Locked Project/Stream" (PROJECT_BYPASSLOCKED) privilege to perform this operation. COR5000218 E Error : Export items aborted. ->This is expected behavior
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