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CMS-XML 8.1.0 Attempt to add a new site in A.G.6 on an ALL site, you will receive error CMN8490I - SER#PARM DSN was not specified
After attempting to add a new site in A.G.6 on an ALL site, you will receive error CMN8490I - SER#PARM DSN was not specified. The SER# PARM field is available for update on a DP site, but is not displayed on an ALL site.
CMS-XML Prior to ZMF v8.1.1 the startup parm ‘ECLIPSE=Y’ required to enable Eclipse processing
Prior to ZMF v8.1.1 customers who apply the ZDD and ECLIPSE licenses also need to add the ZMF startup parm ‘ECLIPSE=Y’ in order to enable ECLIPSE processing. Without this parm a user trying to access ECLIPSE from a workstation would get the message 'Eclipse Client Not Licensed'. In the ZMF Started task SERPRINT you would only see the message that ZDD is licensed:
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1.4 SERCOPY CSTATS parm producing incorrect results
As documented, the SERCOPY CSTATS parameter should ‘...Copy existing ISPF statistics and add statistics to copied members if none exist...’. However, in ZMF 8.1.4 this parm is not functioning in the expected manner. Take the following ‘source’ or ‘from’ dataset as an example:
CMS-XML XML RELINK service through REXX not picking up parms
Running the XML Relink service from a REXX routine, does not pass any of the parms or options to the generated JCL. If we change or add a link parm , it does not get used.
CMS-XML Change default of CHUNK parm to CHUNK=32767
Customer found that when running an XML request to list packages, only the first 93 were returned (there should have been 183). Adding a CHUNK=32767 solved the problem, even though the default is 32768. Customer requests tht the default be changed to CHUNK=32767.
CMS-XML CMNBAT90 s0C4 abend when PARM='BINDLIST=NO' and CMNBINDZ member are used together.
Customer ran into the problem reported in Solution 5004848 (Aliases not properly handled) and was instructed to add PARM ='BINDLIST=NO', to use the old CMNBAT90 logic. They had also been previously instructed to add a CMNBINDZ member to their concatenation, which prevented another s0C4, caused by an IBM binder issue.
CMS-XML USER Parm in Skels
Parameter USER= has been added to any batch program that communicates with Change Man server programs. A user ID is now a requirement because there are new communication facilities in Change Man 5.1 that connect batch programs and server programs. USER= must be set to a valid TSO ID, and it must match the job submitter's ID unless the job is submitted by Change Man. The USER= parameter serves no other function in batch Change Man programs.
CMS-XML SER8602E - SER#PARM record length too small to hold DNS name. IP address used instead.
add support for IP V6 addresses, as well as DNS names up to their maximum length of 253 characters, the dataset defined for SER# PARM may now need to be defined as RECFM=VB and LRECL=275, to support LONGER DNS names.
CMS-XML Bad tag value in includeInResult tag is not caught when the WARN parm is active.
Customer had the following coded in their program: SER6.includeInResult.1 = "targetcomponentType" . The correct tag value should be "targetComponentType" (upper case C). When the WARN parameter is added to the ZMF task, this statement is not flagged.
CMS-XML Setting "VALIDATE ISPF LIBRARIES" Global Admin parm to YES seems to have no effect.
When a “user's” CLIST is executed, that has different concatenations for ISPLLIB, ISPPLIB and ISPMLIB, even though "VALIDATE ISPF LIBRARIES" is set to YES, no error is produced. If a CMNEX* exit is put in a user's library and that library is subsequently added to a user's custom CLIST, it allows the user to execute their version of the exit, rather than the copy in a RACF protected dataset defined for STEPLIB / ISPLLIB.
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