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CMS-XML Numeric overflow on script for high date values
Dim mydate Call Shell.Item. GetFieldValue ("MYDATEFIELD", mydate) Shell.RedoMessage = "Vartype: " & Vartype(mydate) & " Value:" & mydate
CMS-XML DateAdd 1st of month: Numeric overflow -- ERR #2 Line X
The date specified for DateAdd should be a VBScript date object. The user would get a date object by setting compatibility mode to 7.0 and using GetFieldValue .
CMS-XML Using AppScript and DateAdd function to increment date by month can result in error: "Numeric overflow -- ERR #2 Line X"
call objItem. GetFieldValue ("ORIGINALDATE", startDate)
CMS-XML Killer Import Error: ORA-01426: numeric overflow
Killer Import Error: ORA-01426: numeric overflow
CMS-XML Problem with AE Javascript GetFieldValue Function - error: 'regexThousands' is undefined
When you use the GetFieldValue JavaScript function to retrieve a Numeric field value with a form action, the form action may fail for users who use a locale with numbers that do not use digits 0-9.
CMS-XML Javascript Method "GetFieldValue()" with non-US Locale inconsistency. Comma deliminated number locales causes issue.
If you have a Numeric field on your form the value returned from GetFieldValue is different via java script depending on if the field is read only or not on a transition form if your locale is set to one that uses a comma as a deliminator.
CMS-XML Numeric field with "show thousands separator" option set does not allow entering value that include commas
var numericvalue = GetFieldValue (" Numeric Field Name"); SetFieldValue("Numeric Field Name", numericvalue);
CMS-XML "Arithmetic overflow error" in report when calculating a SUM of summation field
Steps to reproduce are as follows in the sample database: (1) Create three new fields in the Change Request workflow - CODE (single selection field - add 3 codes), TIMESPENT ( numeric ) and then SUMMATION (Summation field on TIMESPENT). (2) Submit a number of items into this workflow putting values in the CODE and TIMESPENT fields.
CMS-XML GetFieldValue (or GetFieldValues) for a relational or sub-relational field does not return correct value when used with AddChangeCallback or onChange ( Video )
z-index:1234; overflow : auto; width: 100px; /* width of the spinner gif */
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( fieldName ) ... ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( fieldName, ... ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( fieldName ) ... ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( fieldName, ... ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( fieldName ) ... ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( controlName ) ... ... var fieldValue = GetFieldValue ( controlName ) ... ... var otherFieldValue = GetFieldValue ( otherFieldName ) ... ... function takes a numeric value ( numeric value of the ... + overflow :hidden; ... 0px; overflow :hidden } ... ... style=" overflow :hidden; ... ... onunload="hideIFrame()" style=" overflow :hidden;padding ...
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