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CMS-XML Setting a numeric field to a calculation of a summation field value after transition form does not work
When a numeric field is set to a calculation of a summation field value on a transition with the option of performing the calculation after the form, the calculation does not work because the summation field value has not been set yet. The transition will get an error if the calculation is set to "Are Invalid" for empty operand fields or the numeric field will be set to 0 if the calculation is set to "Treat as Zero" for that option.
CMS-XML Numeric field with "show thousands separator" option set does not allow entering value that include commas
var numericvalue = GetFieldValue(" Numeric Field Name"); SetFieldValue("Numeric Field Name", numericvalue);
CMS-XML Trend report does not promote Weight by Total field value set
Weights Total By is a field specified in the report that allows you to specify a numeric field that the counts will be multiplied by. When it is promoted, the promoted report shows this field is blank and thus the counts are not multiplied and must be manually reset for the report to operate as intended.
CMS-XML Time of Day field accepts any numeric value
When a date/time field is set to time of day, any value not following the HH:MM:SS format is accepted. For example, entering "630" is accepted as 12:10:30 AM. It appears to read that value as 630 seconds.
CMS-XML Database value is used in fixed precision numeric field instead of display
When using Fixed Precision numeric field type, the database value used is fixed but the display is set to two decimal places. For example, in the database the value may show up as .9973629, but to the user it is being displayed as 1.00. The decision went down the path of less then 1%.
CMS-XML Blank numeric fields return a large internal value when returned by aewebservices71
This is expected behavior. The blank fields are set to a constant that is returned as an internal value in the web service call. A blank integer is "2147483647" and a blank real is "4294967295.0".
CMS-XML When calling TransitionItem, web service numeric field values get multiplied by hundred if user used in web service call has locale that uses comma as decimal separator (as opposed to using point). For example Spain, Germa
(1) Create a numeric floating point field with 2 decimal places. (2) Set a user to have a locale that uses a comma as a decimal separator. (3) Update the item using a webservice call aewebservices71 or sbmappservices72.
If a Choice field value contains a leading space, it may not be considered valid when submitting/updating records from INET.. This same condition can arise when 2 or more consecutive spaces appear anywhere in the choice title.
CMS-XML Default value in journal field is not being set
Default value in journal field is not being set
CMS-XML Setting default value of a text field with the password option does not actually set the field value
Setting default value of a text field with the password option does not actually set the field value
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