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CMS-XML "Due Date event was removed as deprecated" message in ns.log
The following info message in the ns.log means that a delay is set on a notification to send when the interval between [some field] and current date becomes less than some value and the date value that is stored in [some field] on the item is already in the past: [DueDateService] -- Due Date event was removed as deprecated
CMS-XML Notifcation server sends old messages even with current start date
After an upgrade to SBM 10.x the start date is set to NOW but it still sends all notifications from day 1 .
CMS-XML How To: make an event trigger only send one notification of a promote on all files of a project.
# trigger set to email someone every time a promotion was executed # # would send 1000 emails if there were 1000 files in the project. # This event trigger will only send one.
CMS-XML Notification for date only field equal to start of today sends only when date is tomorrow
Date only fields do not work correctly when used in certain notification rules. The following notification rules only send when DateTest ( date only field ) is set to tomorrow's date and will not send when it is set to today's date :
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Time of Day : 45 (This is the default setting . You can choose any time the for job to run.)
CMS-XML Timesheet overdue notice is sent when no tasks are in the timesheet period
[Repro Steps] 1 . Make sure the "Timesheet Overdue" system notification is enabled and set as default.
CMS-XML Creating a Notification for a Due Date
If it does, it sends an email (if that's the action required for the notification). In a "Due Date" scenario, there is no change being made to the item; the only change happening is time passing, which doesn't cause anything to be written to the Change History table. If a change is made to the item, the rule will then check the date and send email if the date is passed, but the change to the item may not happen until long after the due date .
CMS-XML Delayed notifications stop working and do not send
update TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS set TS_TIME=2000000002 /* date from distant future */ where TS_DELAYED=1 and TS_TIME=0 and TS_ID < (select TS_LASTID - 100 from TS_LASTIDS where TS_NAME = 'NotificationEvents');
CMS-XML Dim: Emails are off by two months, instead of March the send date shows January
Set up email notification in Dimension. Set "March" in current date and invoke email notification in Dimension. Check email message header.
CMS-XML Notifications repeat every 5 minutes until Notification Server is reset
Notifications will send out repeatedly every time the notification server cycles (usually every 5 minutes) if the TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS and TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES tables are set to cache into memory. Restarting the Notificaion Server will stop the messages, but as soon as more notifications are generated, the new messages will repeat.
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