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CMS-XML S378-14 abend attempting ERO area promotion of package
2021/05/12 02:59:20.24 00000000 SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S378 Function=MASTER/ENDREQ NSI = 015 AD 6 EE
CMS-XML SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C4 Function=MODIIFY/ NSI=3AD3A22E
DATA AT PSW 3 AD 3A228 - EE 20800C C0D0A774
CMS-XML SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C4 Function=MODIIFY/ NSI=3AD3A22E
995 NAME=SERTCBRM 995 DATA AT PSW 3 AD 3A228 - EE 20800C C0D0A774 FFD4A7F8 995 AR/GR 0: 00000000/00000010 1: 00000000/3AE24BCC
CMS-XML P44 -Promote from AS400 (Dev area) to QA (Windows) adds additonal information on file
The following lines are examples of what is being placed at the top of the member. Attributes: srctype=DSPF êé ‘_þ0MBR2STRtext=THOUSAND BLOCK POOL Physical file **END OF ATR** Attributes: srctype=CLP ð¥§_þ0MBR2STRtext= **END OF ATR**
CMS-XML S0C7 in CMN$PCRT when running package create XML
DATA AT PSW 09D2838E - 40004F10 B1985010 B1304910 AR/GR 0: 00000000/00000000 1: 0B 6 AD 7FC/0B 6 EE 040 2: 00000000/00001000 3: 00000000/0B6D3064
CMS-XML ERROR -- Unresolved relational references. Promote again including the U_MYOWNTABLE table. (TTerrIDS_ERR_UNRESOLVED_RELATIONAL_REFS)
Here's a piece of XML that was choking a promotion activity. <Record UUID="334d7b39-5009-4ac8-a8e4-d63dd943ae0a"><Field UUID="5b48 ee 36-4be5-4082-aeae-9131136812bb"/> <Field UUID="177b730b-2409-4f2b-89aa-6bf37e8a7c58"/>
96062020 1: 00000A00 2: 0023CBD8 3: 00161 AD 4 4: A010B78A 5: A010B78A 6 : 00127EB 6 7: 00161000 8: 0010B746 9: 0007 EE 10 A: 0007FE10 B: 00080E10 C: 00127580 D: 00161000 E: 8010BA10 F: 00000000 END OF SYMPTOM
CMS-XML Promote fails with error "Message: invalid character 0x1" in the instance.xml file
<RoleID>f14f4e56-78e9-47dc-abd9-c338ce28ea57</RoleID> <UserID>0fdd8 ee 2-36ba-47d7-a024-8de96a61d69d</UserID> <GroupID>cba79313-326e-4bbf-8ce1-b84e667d38b1</GroupID>
HTML SQL*Plus Report
EXECUTE /46de1705_StreamPrintServiceFa EXECUTE /46e656ad_CipherReference EXECUTE /46ec77a 6 _WsaTube EXECUTE /46 ee 7 ad 6 _AnySeqHelper EXECUTE /46f0a39b_XNumber EXECUTE /46f1 ad 45_ContainerResolver EXECUTE /46f58c97_DicomAnonymousAdapte EXECUTE /46fab8e5_LinkedBlockingQueue EXECUTE /46fc 6
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
Note: In SBM 10.1.2 release, user has no ability to manage resource types. There are two predefinied resource types instead: - SBM User (uuid = cffb408 e-e 892-4f37-ac48-8d48b9887ce9), - User (uuid = 54852a47-c 6 e0-4ca0-9 ad 5- 4dd2fae3e0d4).
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