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CMS-XML MLS for Design Objects, Add Neutral Root, Missing default locale (en_GB) value for key : UUID
If you change the user locale to a locale other than the default locale as set in SBM System Administrator some applications will display UUIDs instead of Application names in their tabs. The issue persists across all locales except for the English (United Kingdom) locale.
CMS-XML Erroneous references to Process App Locale and Language in SBM Composer Guide 11.1.
SBM 11.1 does no use Process App Locale or Process App Language. Instead it uses the concept of the Root Language which defaults to whatever language is used when the Process App is created. Page 65:
PDF SBM Application Administrator Guide
Note the following important information regarding predefined locales and process app deployment and promotion: • The list of predefined locales is additive; a deploy activity will not remove predefined locales. • When a process app is deployed, default ( root ) string values are always overwritten; string values for predefined locales are not overwritten. • You must use one of the methods described in step 3 above to modify the string value for a predefined locale.
CMS-XML L10N - localised values not used in report headers
If you have localised strings such as "Sorted by" for use in report headings, then these are ignored even if they exist and the root locale values are always displayed. There is no known workaround
CMS-XML Application Admin, Localization, MLS translation type will not allow translation of en_US strings
When a ProcessApp is deployed, any DesignObject strings are inserted into the SLS tables for the " root locale " - these entries are modifiable only via Composer. If there are any pre-defined locales defined, then locale-specific entries are also created and these should be editable via the Localisation screens of Application Administrator.
CMS-XML Error upon login "Cannot find column [id]"
The root cause of this issue was the Language Locale settings in set in the user's browser that was causing this error and preventing logging into Agile On Demand.
CMS-XML Renamed design objects in Composer do not automatically appear renamed in UI since SBM 11.1
As described in the SBM 11.1 Readme ( ), the design object names are now stored in the localisation tables as language " Root Locale " the first time the process app is deployed on SBM 11.1.
CMS-XML Email response – transition and state names in browser confirmation screen are not localized
If you have translated the various strings that are used with mail responses (such as to confirm successful transitions), then although the translated string may be displayed in the language of the user's choice, the workflow-specific pieces are not correctly fetched even if they have been translated. The root locale values of the transition and state names are always used.
CMS-XML It is not possible to localise transition or state names in Notifications
The $TRANSITIONNAME() tag returns only root locale value
CMS-XML Field names in search results do not use localised strings
The field names added above should be shown in the search results translated. Actual result: The field names in the search results all use the Root Locale string.
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