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Click here to download Connector Documentation
The SBM Connector documentation is available for download with the Connector software. Please select your version of SBM and download the appropriate Connector Software which contains the documentation. Please note you must be licensed for the Connector pack in order to download.
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the Oracle user connecting to an SBM schema
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Installing Dimensions schema using non-system account - What Oracle minimum roles required?
CMS-XML Performance of applications built using the SBM API ( TSApiWinInet) has suffered when connected to an Oracle DB.
Performance of applications built using the SBM API ( TSApiWinInet) has suffered a marked deterioration in SBM 2009 R1 when connected to an Oracle DB .
CMS-XML Get a "Connection Error. Check your network connection or contact your system administrator" when opening the SBM Application Administrator. ( Manage Resources, Resources or Work Center icons are greyed out )
User Case 12: Oracle Schema User Privileges You will see these errors if the Oracle schema user has "ANY" privileges which should not be granted for proper SBM functionality. For further details please refer to KB S133641 . Use Case 13: The Relationship Service is not starting correctly.
CMS-XML SBM for Oracle driver does not recover after losing its connection
Manager 4.5Release Control 4.5Release Manager 4.0.1Release Manager 4.5 Requirements Manager 4.0.1 Requirements Manager 4.5Service Manager 4.5
CMS-XML Oracle Advanced Security and SBM (data encryption)
The Java components (or Tomcat) of SBM connect to the Oracle server with checksum and encryption set to 'Accepted'. As long as the server requires encryption and integrity, the Java components will connect securely. However if the server is defaulted to 'Accepted', encryption of data to/from the Java components will be turned off.
CMS-XML Error "ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol" when connecting to Oracle
The authentication version number (aka Logon Version) will differ based on the driver that is installed with SBM. Beginning with SBM 10.1.3, the drivers are using protocol version 11. The drivers that come with older versions of SBM will require different protocol versions.
CMS-XML SBM upgrade errors similar to ORA-00904
Restore the AE database that failed during previous upgrade attempt. Upgrade the database using the AE DB upgrade link Start the Serena Common JBOSS and IIS services after step 4 is completed.
PDF Serena Release Automation Getting Started Guide 3.3
3 Oracle Listener Port 4 Oracle Database user with DBA privileges , required for the initial connection verifying Oracle version and creating the Serena DB user , if required . The DBA privileged username and password will not be stored anywhere.
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