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CMS-XML Unable to navigate on view after saving changes to Non Richtext fields
On any text field where properties setting is set to IsRichEditor= False and IsMultiLine=True, upon saving changes , user cannot navigate to any other fields until they click on a field that does not have those settings above. Upon saving changes to these type of text fields, the cursor moves to the beginning of the text field and becomes unresponsive until user do a browser refresh, click on other fields such as drop down list, or click on a field where IsRichEditor is not set to False and IsMultiLine is set to False.
CMS-XML Currency converter error in java console after switching default currency.
Mon Dec 07 23:12:29 GMT+05:30 2009 20b3e232-4fd4-431b-9f79-c35b38e35695IBDI Fortis Life -----SOAP Session call: publish(3625,java.util.HashMap@106d4ea[threshold=96,loadFactor=0.75],1260207741367,com.serena.mariner.ProjectManagementStub$PersistOptions@1847a42[localWasImported= false ])
CMS-XML When using security software (e.g. Tripwire) to monitor unexpected changes to a VM installation directory, which files or directories should be excluded?
The PVCS Version Manager installation directory has a collections of files and directories that are expected to change frequently, and including those in monitorying sets off false alarms. Which files should be excluded?
CMS-XML DA 6.2.2: How to change the Component Versions icon to only show the number of active versions.
To alter the number of versions shown you can edit C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\8.5\webapps\da\WEB-INF\classes\da_config.xml and change the values from "true" to " false " in the following section: <versionCounterConfig> <includeArchived>true
CMS-XML How to reset the BCV default values on login
Edit the attached script to set the correct: - ResetAtLogon --'true' turns the feature on, ' false ' turns it off. - Dimension -- xml name of default dimension
CMS-XML Using Exchange 2010 for email submit
popmessageretrivalformat to textonly popuseprotocoldefault to $ false While this is not officially supported it appears to work
CMS-XML Configure the server to either resolve Set and Switch step expressions or pass them as-is
The result will be 3 If the resolver is turned off (set to false ): It will remain ${p:myVar1} + 1
CMS-XML Ext.DateToDbLong & Ext.DbLongToDate results changed since patch 66018
returnDate = DateAdd("s", ttDate, dGMT) checkDate = false checkDate = IsDate(returnDate)
CMS-XML RLC: ZMF Change Package View (zmfViewWidget) gives HTTP 401 Unauthorized or never loads
1) Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps\almsernet\WEB-INF\conf\ Set valid ZMF username and password for the View Widget to use. Set USE_SSO_USER = false
CMS-XML MCLG: Code changes to MM:BeginLock... when opening or editing an existing asset in Dreamweaver.
<nexus:component classid="nexus/components/AssetQuery" code="/System/Components/nexusComponents.jar" dwcomptype="assetquery" querymode=" root="/WebSite/" layout=" query=" filter="A.AssetType='Test_Doc'" amongblessed=" False " >
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