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HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... { padding: 4 px; min ... ... "margin: 4 px;" ... ... -color: # afd8f ... ... -color: # 40baea; color: # 404040; text ... ... +1, 4 @@ ... -7, 4 +8, ... ... jQuerySBM(' # MainTable') ... ... @@ - 4 , 4 + 4 ,5 @ ... ... 60px, # 333 100px ... ... -1, 4 +1, 4 @@
CMS-XML Excessive e-mail notifications from License Manager
When all licenses are in use ... notification of all licensing issues" is ... " was unable to obtain a license for Tracker -- Error: No such feature exists (-5,412): TrackerInet " " was unable to obtain a license for TrackerInet -- Error: No such feature exists (-5,412): TrackerInet " ... " was unable to obtain a license for TeamTrack -- Error: Licensed number of users already reached. (- 4,132 ): TeamTrack "
CMS-XML Limiting the number of Concurrent Licenses for Groups of Users
2. Open this file in a text editor, and add the following lines: USER_GROUP <group> < user 1> < user 2> < user 3> < user 4 > < user 5 USER_GROUP <group> <user6
CMS-XML How user licenses are consumed in Crystal Enterprise 8.
1) Users are authenticated as ... ... one has not already been created. ... minutes after the user stops activity ( ... ... out, the license is released. ... If a single user opens 2 browsers ... created and 2 licenses areused. 4 ) If a user opens a browser ... browser,one license isused. ... the Authentication/ Licenses , then you can see licenses being used and ... The 20 minute timeout can cause the 5 user licenses to be used up fast. ... This should radically improve the efficency of your licensing , and not require the WCS to ... Knowledgebase Article # : c2009637"
CMS-XML Reserving Concurrent Licenses for Groups of Users
... reserve a specific number of concurrent licenses for different groups of users . ... have 20 concurrent licenses available for use by 40 users , you can reserve a specific number of licenses for each functional ... to which the users belong. ... If those 40 users are spread across four functional areas ( ... you can create 4 user groups, ... ... has an equal number of available licenses , reserve 5 ... ... all 20 available licenses . ... will reserve concurrent licenses , disable the ... automatically assign named licenses to users when they log ...
CMS-XML PCLI repeatedly requests the same license, causing the SLM License Server to (temporarily) fail for all users
Under certain circumstances it is possible for PCLI to flood the License Server with repeated request for the same User @Host combination. Even though this will only use a single license on that server, the sheer number of requests can effectively make SLM server stop working by using up all the available TCP ports on the operating system running SLM. ... Network clients of other server processes running on the SLM server system can no longer establish a new connection to the sever, while clients with already established connections remain unaffected.
CMS-XML Cannot access SBM if you are using seat licenses and have too many users configured
The number of Regular Users and Managed Administrators ... . exceeds the number of User seat licenses . Some users must be deleted ... ... receive the seat license error in a ... ... installed, the Users tab in the ... if it was already open prior to ... Open System Administrator and delete or modify user accounts so that they are in compliance with their seat licenses . Once you resolve user accounts, the Users tab is not visible the next time you open the System Administrator.
CMS-XML If you have multiple license keys for a named feature, failures to get one of them say: No such feature exists. (-5,412)
... has a named license that consists of ... to get a license will result in ... Licensed number of users already reached. (- 4 ,234) ... (All named licenses for this feature ... ... Request for more licenses than this feature ... ( User has one or ... User /host not ... ... are unassigned named licenses for this feature ... ... g. additional licenses were purchased) and all licenses are in use ... The out-of- license errors for the multi-key scenario need to be the same as for the single key scenario, as they provide more useful information.
CMS-XML How to prevent named users from using a concurrent license
If the Serena License Manager (SLM) has both named and concurrent licenses for a given license type, named license users that login simultaneously from more workstations than the number of licenses assigned to them will start to consume concurrent licenses . For example, if the user Otto has one named TeamTrack license to his name and logs in from two workstations simultaneously, that user will consume one named license and one concurrent license.
CMS-XML Social View is not visible to Occasional license users
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