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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Dimensions Demo License Supplied with Product Fails.
I have used the License file supplied with the Dimensions Package and It is giving me errors. The initial batch of demo license keys sent with Dimensions have a mistake on the Vendor string section this is sent out with just option 'A' this needs to be adjusted to read VENDOR STRING ='AD'
CMS-XML STR720: PDS999E S0C4 error when accessing StarTool from the linklist
The problem is caused because the customer has another SERENA product onsite which also uses the SER10TY licensing software, and the levels of the SER10TY licensing software were not the same. SER10TY modules, (SERBSAM, SERVERAO, SERALLOC, SERDATES), are contained in both StarTool-FDM and CHANGEMAN.
CMS-XML Licenses are not released for an hour if user closes browser window or tab
On an Application Engine server, open System Admin (leave it open during the following steps) Edit the SBMAEWindowCount.js file that is in the Application Engine\bin\javascript folder, replace each usage of the string (with single quotes) 'SBMAEWindowCount' with 'SBMAEWindowCount2' ; save the file. Edit the jscssversion.txt file that is in the Application Engine\bin folder, increase the number; save the file.
CMS-XML FIND Results in PDS842E This string is too long
Install FDM 7.6.2. Workaround for those licensed for StarBat: //S08A EXEC PGM=STARBAT,REGION=4096K
CMS-XML Araxis Merge License Problem
After the installation of the Desktop Client and Araxis Merge, open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Araxis\Merge\7.0, or just HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Araxis\Merge\7.0 depending on whether you are using 32 or 64-bit Windows. Create a new string value called SerialNumber and paste into the value field the following:
CMS-XML Misleading "HPS4005E Real Time Tracking "CMNSSM RTO" is not licensed" message.
HPS0022I HPSINIT 00:16:19 Parmlib in effect: STRSUP.SSM832.PARMLIB(HPSPARMS) Security Userid : STRS HPS0103E HPSINIT 00:16:19 ** open Failure ** on SM file cluster STRSUP.SSM832.SITE.MASTER
CMS-XML Processing Members Using FIND results in PDS842E This String Is Too Long
Install FDM 7.6.2 when GA. Workaround: Use StarBat if licensed .
CMS-XML VM 8.0: Version Manager is using more than one license, even when the same username is being used
if you wanted to correct the user "ADMIN" to "admin" Next, you would have to search for any other reference to the string " /@/
HTML String Differences
User license to
CMS-XML String changes from 2008 R2.05 to 2009 R1
}''\nexception=''''\nstack:\n IDS_F4_UNABLE_TO_AUTO_ADD_USER Unable to Auto-Add user because there are already active users and only seat licenses available for the '''' access level.
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