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CMS-XML Configurator gets null pointer exception after setting SSO LDAP then internal authentication
Configurator gets null pointer exception after setting SSO LDAP then internal authentication
CMS-XML Azure AD: combined authentication with internal brings customer to wrong login page
Customer is using combination of Azure AD and internal Authentication, which brings the user to an incorrect URL.
CMS-XML DA: Mistakenly edited Internal Security/Internal Storage Authentication Realm and now cannot login
In order to configure DA for LDAP authentication, a new authentication realm should be added. From time to time, some folks will mistakenly edit the "Internal Security/Internal Storage" realm and attempt to use it for the LDAP realm. This may leave DA in a configuration where no one is able to log in.
CMS-XML SRA removing LDAP authorization realm does not remove that realms groups and users from the DB
SRA install - Has default Internal Security Authentication (Users) and Authorization (Groups) realms LDAP Authentication Realm configured and working
CMS-XML Version Manager 8.1.2 patch for LDAP login sources
You have encountered an internal processing error: 50 (PVCS_E_NO_USER_ID: Unable to obtain the user ID.) Please restart ChangeMan Version Manager and try the operation again. If you continue to have problems, contact your Serena administrator for further assistance.
CMS-XML Using LDAP enforces password policy for all users, not just ones using SBM authentication
When using LDAP for authentication and a global password policy is set the policy is being applied for all users. This should only be the case when LDAP then internal authentication is set and a user is validated against internal credentials.
CMS-XML MCLG: What is the default administrator login ID when using LDAP authentication?
The admin user is a built-in Collage internal ID. There does NOT have to be an admin ID defined in the LDAP server. If there is an admin ID in the LDAP server, that ID will be ignored.
CMS-XML TTAUTH does not work with LDAP + ALF Single Sign On
1. Enable TTAUTH on a web report appending "ttAuthUID=userID&ttAuthPWD=UserPassword" to the report URL. 2. In Serena Mashup Administrator, change the authentication mode to either " LDAP first, then Internal passwords" or "Central Directory via LDAP ". 3. Restart the web server.
CMS-XML Auto Add LDAP user creates new user without successful login
When using Seat licenses, using LDAP First, then Internal Passwords and is set to Auto-Add LDAP users. If a user mistypes their login, a new SBM account is created.
CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Deploy performance, IE lockup, LDAP with multi-domain configuration fixes.
IE browser locks up when exiting the CCS editor or internal editor. This lockup problem has been addressed.
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