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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: ZOS -Will the Dimensions 8 batch job work with Dimensions 9.1.3?
KM-Dim9: ZOS -Will the Dimensions 8 batch job work with Dimensions 9.1.3?
CMS-XML The USER SERVICE NOTIFY service is not working with batch notification
The USER SERVICE NOTIFY service is not starting the file tailoring address space (CMNxADSP) to build the notification job . For example, the following XML should start a CMNxADSP address space to file tailor the batch notification job.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Running xcmd batch jobs from PC Client
You can run commands from a remote PC by typing or pasting commands in the PC Client run window. This won't work if you want to call a batch job externally.
CMS-XML Checkout of like-other from package to personal dataset indicates batch job submitted, but no job is actually submitted.
When a checkout of a like-other component is performed from a package to a personal dataset, the dialog indicates that a batch job will be submitted and the user should wait until it completes before working with the component, however no batch job is submitted. Any processing normally performed by the batch job is bypassed/omitted. The member does get copied to the personal dataset though.
CMS-XML Option 'overlay prior staged module=no' not working correctly for batch checkin
iii) if a CMN0288 message is issued during batch checkin of a source component it appears that we continue with the build request and issue a 0 return code from the staging job .
CMS-XML Batch Recompile receiving 'CMN0038I - Change Man is down' due to USER parm on job card.
Change Man 5,1 requires the use of the USER parm in certain batch jobs, in this case CMNxRPC. The customer discovered when running Audit they had to set both USER values to 'CHGMAN' in order for it to work in their shop. However, in batch recompile it does not work because even though both USER values are 'XXXMAN', the sysin cards built have the RPC keyword USR=TSOID which is the user ID that submitted the batch recompile .
CMS-XML Database OPEN from backup job not working correctly.
The new feature to allow the backup during stc being active... the OPEN returns with a RC0 and I see the message in the batch job : PGM EXEC parm: "OPEN" Options in effect: OPEN
CMS-XML JOB NAME INCREMENT OVERRIDE not working as documented.
suffix when submitting batch jobs . Under normal circumstances, ChangeMan
CMS-XML Batch Checkout job fails with JCL error: SYSUT2 - DATA SET NOT FOUND
3) If you have TCP/IP, but are using CMN=(,0000) in your Started Task JCL, then, if possible, you should use a valid PORT number. Note: If you are not licensed for Load Balancing ( LBO ) you might get the message "Load Balancing Option is not licensed on this system" and will need modules SERVSRVA, SERVSRVC and SERCLIEN from SE54/16 as a temporary fix.
CMS-XML batch job for generating VSAM data set information
batch job for generating VSAM data set information
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