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CMS-XML Package Limit - Number of Modules
These records have a 3 byte sequence number in the key allowing for 65,535 records. ICPY and ISAL records hold 28 and 15 components per record, respectively. Thus a package can contain 1,834,980 non-source (ICPY) components and 983,025 source and load (ISAL) components.
CMS-XML SDA: Run Component Process dialog does not format correctly
The Run Component Process dialog does not format correctly for a Resource or Process longer than approximately 10 characters. These numbers overflow the bounds of the display box rather than wrapping within the box .
CMS-XML Getting "Checkin Service Error" when edit a component when Stage Restriction level is set to '3'.
Once stage restriction is set to level 3 in local admin; it is impossible to edit components that are checked out in a package. The short message "Checkin Service Error” appears when attempting to stage components by first using the ‘E’ command to edit the components that are checked out in a package . The long message is "CMN2580A - Staging Restriction Level 2 or 3 in effect.
CMS-XML Backout not allowed at P Site, when TEMP packages share components.
is incorrectly issued when a BACKOUT is attempted on the P site package. This occurs when 2 or more TEMP packages share common components and the CMN scheduler is used. The DP site backout is not restricted , except that the packages must be backed out in “LAST in, FIRST out” order and this is the way the P site should also behave.
CMS-XML S0C4-04 CMNVPKGE+C408 promoting large package (c. 39,000 components)
Investigations confirm that we are encountering a problem when attempting to expand the component promotion candidate table. This problem is likely to occur when a package contains more than 30,767 'promote-able' components. Limiting packages to 30,000 promote-able components or less will circumvent the issue until such time as the problem is resolved.
CMS-XML When 67 components are selected for scratch, only 3 are displayed in the package
Additional information: To workaround this problem, limit your scratch requests per package to 66 or lower. Contact Customer Support for a 5.5.2 compatible fix for this problem.
CMS-XML CMNDB2PL not applying package name templating for multiple target sites
The CMN ZMF version of CMNDB2PL is failing to apply package name templating to the bind cards it is processing when components are being bound to multiple logical environments. The problem cannot be recreated with the version of CMNDB2PL and if you have a single target environment the problem does not occur (i.e. templating is applied). In fact, in this specific case up to 3 target environments work fine.
CMS-XML Prevent 'longname' components to be staged if staging library defined as PDS
In v7.1.0 with the support of HFS longname components, customers are allowed to stage components with names greater than 8 characters. If a customer does a ‘Stage from Development’ and enters a ‘STAGE NAME’ greater than 8 characters and the staging library is defined as a PDS, the package will display the component with the longname, but in the staging library the component is truncated to 8 characters (the limit for a PDS).
CMS-XML CMNAD500 abending with S878-10
Customer was running with REGION=0M. It's very difficult to predict when the S878 will happen as there are too many variables to consider. Large participating packages with hundreds or even thousands of components , the number of relationships within the packages and the baseline libraries, system storage constraints , etc.
CMS-XML Promotion of 361 components causes SERVER stc to loop
Once the offending package is identified, problem can be circumvented by adding/removing components to avoid the 361 boundary issue. Problem originally reported on 5.5.1 but recreated on 5.5.2.
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