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CMS-XML DIMCM12.1: With Smart Card and SSO, Unable to Log In After Token Expires
After logging in with a Smart Card, the login token may expire if you are inactive for a period of time, forcing you to log out. In this case, you may be unable to log back in right away, while the token "leeway" period remains active.
CMS-XML DA: The user session does not expire as it should in DA versions 6.1, 6.1.1, and 6.1.2
An issue was introduced in DA 6.1 where the user session remains logged in after inactivity instead of logging out automatically as it should. This was fixed in DA 6.1.3.
CMS-XML Applet times out after 20 mins with no server activity
3. Timeout - regardless of activity [Error] - none - customer must signin again [Expected Results] - to detect activity - keyboard or mouse - and keep customer logged in unless inactive for 20 mins
CMS-XML Current User Activity System Report shows users last accessed for up to 1 hour even if session timeout is 5 minutes
The users whose session has expired should not be shown in this report. Actual result: The users are shown in the report with Last Accessed showing the time since they have been inactive which is greater than the session timeout .
CMS-XML MCLG 5.1+: How to setup client session timeout
The default value is 30 seconds. If this setting is less than the BrowserTimeout, this keep-alive pulse will cause the browser to not timeout, even if the browser is not actively being used. To force inactive browsers to timeout after a period of time, make sure this setting is higher than the BrowserTimeout.
CMS-XML Error: [Intersolv][ODBC SQL Server Driver]ct_connect(): user api layer: internal client library error: read from the server has timed out
4) Click "Remove the inactive part of the log. No log or backup performed"
CMS-XML Configuring the Session Timeout Warning Period
In SBM 11.3.1, a timeout message now appears in the end-user interface 5 minutes before a session times out due to inactivity . This notifies users that the current session will soon end and enables them to complete their work before the actual time-out occurs.
CMS-XML SWC: Session Time out
The issue is that the AE session is really timing out and after 1 hour of inactivity , the session times out and you need to re-authenticate if SSO is enabled.
CMS-XML Timeout when using Smart Editor resulting in a lost edit session.
The customer is using the Smart Editor function in RDz to edit a source component in a package. However, if they edit the source and then leave that session dormant for approximately 2 hrs they get the following error message:
CMS-XML User Session Time-out is not honored if an automatic refresh interval is enabled for an activity view widget
setting (if enabled in SBM Configurator) is ignored and the session is not timed out even if the session should end due to inactivity .
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