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CMS-XML SBM Composer validation warning: At least one empty row has type 'AutoSize' and will collapse during the preview and at runtime
It is easier to understand these warnings with examples. In this example, after we double click on the warning , we can see the empty row on the form (with the red hash lines).
CMS-XML ERO audit errors caused by invalid hash tokens in I/A
ERO audit errors caused by invalid hash tokens in I/A
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Admin Console gives Java error when displaying design parts containing a hash character
If you create a Design Part with an ID containing a hash (#) character an error , as follows, is generated when selecting it in the Admin Console: - "SERVER PROBLEM The web server encountered a problem during the processing of a web page.
CMS-XML Invalid ERR0417! caused by incorrect hash tokens in metadata
Whilst testing other fixes for invalid ERR0417! (regression) errors being issued by area audit, a customer has identified another situation where invalid/uncorrectable ERR 0417!s can be reported. This time the problem is related to the fact that the hash token returned by re-parsing the baseline component does NOT match that held in the ZMF metadata (component history, package component, IA table, etc.) for the package that previously baselined the component.
CMS-XML Incorrect checkout hash tokens being stored when components staged from development
When a component is staged directly into a package without first being checked out, the checkedOutHashToken value in the component's package master record is incorrectly storing the new component's hash token rather than that of the version in baseline. This can lead to regression-related problems later in ZMF operation (e.g. release audit ERR 0417!s, package audit SYNCH10!s, etc.).
CMS-XML Unexplained SYNCH11! errors in audit
A customer testing ZMF 8.2 is reporting multiple, unexplained SYNCH11! (component hash discrepancy) errors being reported by audit. Not all SRC components in the package are affected, only some.
CMS-XML JAR file reporting invalid SYNCH20! errors
A customer is reporting that invalid SYNCH20! errors are being produced for a number of java classes when auditing packages containing java archive (JAR) files. Investigation has shown that both the SSI value and hash token collected by CMNJHS90 for the affected classes differ from that reported in the audit trace.
CMS-XML Invalid ERR0420 errors in area audit report
A situation exists whereby copybooks generated as the output of one staging process may be reported as invalid ERR0420 (copybook not used in source compile) errors in the modules in which they are subsequently used. This is caused because the legitimate hash token noted in the relevant relationship in the CMNRLSIAT table does not match the incorrect hash token noted in the CMNRLSCIM table. The hash token of the copybook in CMNRLSCIM equates to the source that generates it and this information is populated at component checkin time.
CMS-XML SBM 11.1: Import or generate SSL certificate gives error "not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms"
With FIPS cryptography enabled in the Local Security Policy, the Configurator is unable to import or generate SSL certificates. System cryptography: Use FIPS 140 compliant cryptographic algorithms, including encryption, hashing and signing algorithms Configurator shows this error:
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