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CMS-XML : when upgrading a database in, getting the error "MDHVRS3202117E: Data duplication in name store"
DBA3200266E Failed to initialize the VRS: MDHVRS3202117E: Data duplication in name store Error : An error occurred performing the VRS data precaching , please see log file 'C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\pt1c641.tmp' An error occurred while trying to upgrade intermediate
CMS-XML DimCM: Upgrade: Errors DBA3200451E and DBA3200453E during upgrade to Dimensions CM 14.3.3
Priming the name store: 130.34 sec Error : An error occurred performing the VRS data upgrade, please see logs An error occurred while trying to upgrade TESTDB
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.x: Unique constraint violations on VRS_1_A_F1 and/or VRS_2_P_PK during schema or VRS upgrades
DBA3200153E Failed to write project history: MDHVRS3202269E: Failed to write node records Priming the name store: 42101.80 sec Error : An error occurred performing the VRS data upgrade, please see logs
CMS-XML Dim14: Upgrade: DBA3203028E Failed to find directory path UID
Upgrading trees: 1.49 sec Error : An error occurred performing the VRS data upgrade, please see logs An error occurred while trying to upgrade CM_TYPICAL
CMS-XML DimCM: VRS: compaction on client timeout failed errors are occurring
2. After stopping the Dimensions CM Listener service, make sure that the logs directory specified in Step 1 is clean. 3. Restart the Dimesions CM Listener. 4. Wait a few minutes and then stop the Dimensions CM Listener.
CMS-XML Dim14: VRS: Error: unable to connect to the specified DBMS
The above error can occur if case sensitivity is turned on for the database and if the password is in a different case. The quickest way to debug this issue is to attempt to log into SQLPlus or DMDBA as your basedatabase user with the same password. If this fails, try a password in UPPERCASE.
CMS-XML Dim14: VRS: VRS Upgrade utility is not showing projects/streams or baselines when first logging in
upgrade pcms_sys /force upgrade <basedatabase_name> /force Please provide any errors to Support for further review, either by screenshot or the log file.
CMS-XML CM 14.3.2 : VRS/Name store initialization failed - uncaught DCM exception: MDHVRS4500796E - Failed to refresh name store.
After turning on listener trace in $dm_root/dfs/listener.dat file, dmappsrv log file reports this error :
PDF System Administration Guide
Part 8: Appendixes contains the following appendixes: Configuring Centralized Network Authentication 459 Secure Sockets Layer Support on Dimensions CM 515 Using a Non-Default Service Name and Port Number 523 Replicator Utilities 529 Replicator Error and Warning Messages 533 Using and Configuring Library Cache Areas 561 Executing Operations on Remote Nodes 577 Schedule Job Utilities and Configuration Parameters 585 Migrating MBCS Data to UTF-8 Data 593 Logging and Tracing Facilities 599 Dimensions CM Pulse: Mapping Expert Severity 605 VRS Data Caching 607 System Administration Guide 457
CMS-XML DimCM: Unable to log into Dimensions CM
Enable SDP logging and review of the dmappsrv log files. The log files show the following: DMAPPSRV was built with MBCS string support, RDBMS contains Unicode data Connect to RDBMS for VRS failed ... If this variable is set to the incorrect DBMS Characterset, logins will not occur .
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