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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: When trying to run the CRDB command with a Process Model export from Dimensions 7, error of Error: unknown command , Error detected in basedb_cpl.exp, line 1 occurs.
You are unable to run the CRDB command with /import= where the Process Model export file comes from a Dimensions 7 installation. This is because the export file format in Dimensions 8.x and 9.1.x is very different and the scripts that create the new Base Database cannot interpret the file generated from Dimensions 7 installations.
CMS-XML Dim14: Upgrade: "Error: unknown command " - upgrading from Dimensions CM 14.1 to
Error detected in C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 14.1\CM\dbms\upgrade\bl_health_check.sql, line 40
CMS-XML Dim12: Error in dmcli command line AIX 6.1 server for Dim 12: ACL4500343E Error: /tcp - unknown service
ACL4500343E Error: /tcp - unknown service (PCMS_SERVICE__TCP symbol is not defined, DM_SERVICES_FILE symbol is not defined, and not present in the system services database). But it happens after some time idle; I mean, if I enter dmcli and I am there several minutes doing nothing, exiting it, I get this error .
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: DMDBA returns: unknown command
User can connect to DMDBA, but any commands do not get run and the error message "unknown command" Is reported.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: DBC:-9999-Unknown token type '' when trying to perform insv command
When trying to install views, the following error is received: Installing report views in intermediate@dim9 , please wait.... DBC:-9999-Unknown token type ''
CMS-XML Error message when using Sudo with plugins: pam_authenticate: Conversation failure ; TTY=unknown
Using download artifact plugin with sudo gives the following error: pam_authenticate: Conversation failure ; TTY= unknown ; PWD=/BSCSAT01/batcharc01/REL_STAGE ; USER=bscsix ; COMMAND =/opt/serena/Release_Automation_Agent/core/var/temp/ command
CMS-XML Dim CM: Generating additional debug information for exception errors such as "NCL4501392E Uncaught unknown exception"
3. Connect to Dimensions using the Desktop Client 4. Run the command "getpoolstats" in a Windows Command Prompt on the Dimensions server and get the Process ID of the user that's connected with Desktop Client. 5. Use the "procdump64" command ( to capture dump file on exception, for example:
CMS-XML DimCM: AIX: COR3200964E VRS node lookup by item specification UID failed with unknown exception / NCL4501376E uncaught exception: bad allocation / NCL0004747E Error: Failed to execute RPC 23
a_ login on AIX machine with dmsys b_ issue ulimit -a command c_ in the result of ulimit -a, look at allocation memory for -s, -d, -m parameter.
CMS-XML VM - PCLI Run command returns error ' echo (The system cannot find the file specified)'
at<init>( Unknown Source)
CMS-XML MCLG: Edit MIME type gives error " Failed modifying MIME-type. Unknown error occured"
Option 3. The following steps required the SQL window be available. Go to the System | Setup | Sessions & Servers screen and click the SQL button on the toolbar. If the window isn't available to run SQL commands then follow the instructions on the screen first to enable it.
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