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CMS-XML Improve LDAP bind failure error message and also use this message when a login fails due to other LDAP issues
2. Other pvcsldap.ini file problems, like a bad or missing CertificateDirectory when using SSL, are incorrectly reported as an end-user name or password problem. This first puts the end-user on the wrong track, and then the Admin when the user cannot solve the issue.
CMS-XML Relationship service fails to start if there is too large amount of rows in REL_ADMINCHANGES or REL_CHANGEACTIONS.
You can tell if you're running into this defect by running the following two queries against the Application Engine database. If either of these queries returns more than 1999 rows this will be an issue. Another symptom of this problem is users are unable to login to Work Center due to errors like "Unable to validate user" and " Error : Not Found" and " Error static Top : Not Found"
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: When logging into Command Center, an error of Cannot login due to system error please contact system administrator occurs
When logging into Command Center, an error of Cannot login due to system error please contact system administrator occurs. ... First , verify what the DM_SERVICE_PCMS_SDP_TCP variable is set to in the dm.cfg file if on Windows. If on Unix, verify the PCMS_SDP variable in the /etc/ services file. ... Once the file is modified, stop Serena Common Tools or Tomcat and then restart.
CMS-XML VM I-Net: What does the login option "Automatically close all other sessions for your user ID on this server" do?
The box gets checked automatically if the first login attempt fails due to a licensing error . At that point clicking OK will attempt the login again with the box checked.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.4: not possible to login to pulse, getting error "Could not acquire change log lock. Currently locked by () since "
... Pulse has been started and it freezes forever, there ... On startup , Pulse uses ... ... will prevent subsequent startups . ... the database that has not been released. Could not acquire change log ... NOTE: Do not release the database ... sure there are no other running instances ... If a database upgrade is taking a long time due to data migration, other migration issues will occur if trying to release the database lock prematurely. To remove the lock, log in to the Pulse database and update the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table to remove the lock : ... c_ stop/ start Tomcat service d_ retry a login to pulse
CMS-XML VM: The Default JRun Service service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. Error 0002
VM: The Default JRun Service service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. Error 0002
CMS-XML Looping database logon when viewing reports in Project Office Web.
Looping database logon when viewing reports ... Looping logon behavior is caused ... ... for apersistent database log on . The report will not display regardless of ... in the database log on prompt. ... , you must first ensure that the ... ... is functional and error free in the ... ... report is working error free, follow ... ... and Job server services ), open ... ... (If you are not using the System account to run services , you should log on as the account ... ... database when it is not .) ... message or an error ,then those ... ... the database without errors .
CMS-XML Error "InitExtension Failed" when accessing SBM (TeamTrack or Business Mashups)
... may encounter various errors beginning with the phrase "InitExtension Failed ... during the initial startup of the program ... , something went wrong . ... common types of failure you may see ... ... parts of the error message after the phrase "InitExtension Failed " may find ... Database could not be verified ... the Web server could not communicate with the ... ... could just be due to a bad ... ... , but this error still comes up ... that while the login information is correct ... ... this means IIS is not configured correctly; ... ... for "Database could not be verified" ...
CMS-XML Users unable to get into Work Center due errors "Unable to validate user" and "Error: Not Found" and "Error static Top : Not Found"
... causes for this error : ... : SLS Import fails with "User does not have privilege to ... The first time you open ... ... you may see errors in the SBM ... ... of the possible errors is: User does not have privilege to ... ... : SLS Server does not load correctly. If it is not loaded correctly, you may see errors in the SBM ... Error : invalid response ... running and finished starting up before accessing Application ... ... To fix this error : Stop IIS and Serena ... Start ONLY Serena Common ... ... SBM Application Repository login page (URL ... Start IIS.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Login Failure: License Server @ unavailable -1
The above error can occur due for numerous reasons. ... First , verify within the dm.cfg file that the DM_LICENSE variable is set to @<servername>. It is imperative that the variable has been tabbed over from the DM_LICENSE and that there are no extra spaces or tabs after the server name. ... They will need to stop /restart the License Server in order for the new file to be read. ... If all else fails , have the key deactivated through the customer's Support Sales Representative.
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