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CMS-XML Error getting catalog: Serena Security Token invalid or expired when logging into Request Center.
You may see this error if you're using multiple servers for SBM and the Serial Numbers in the Security area of Configurator for the STS, Federation Server, SSO Gatekeeper Trust Keys don't match.
CMS-XML Serena Security Token invalid or expired or Transport error: 303
also returns this message: Title: Error Message: Error getting catalog : Serena Security Token invalid or expired.
CMS-XML Logging into Request Center get "Error getting catalog: Service Unavailable"
Error requesting security token : error ='SSOException caught while processing token exchange' exception=''
CMS-XML RLM: When creating a new Release Train, get error "env:Client" with "checkUniquness: Blank: Invalid User ID or Password" or deploy error "Failed to obtain security token"
Follow the instructions on KB S140644 to verify that both the ALF and SBM usernames are valid. If you change them, be sure to restart the Serena Common Tomcat service to activate the changes.
PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF ERO for Release Manager 4.0.1 Web Services Reference
... of-sync errors within audited area ... ... of-sync errors with respect to ... ... of-sync errors but some duplicates ... ... of-sync errors and no warnings ). ... build cancel cancelcheckout catalog change check checkin ... ... element configureApproverRequestType] Security token ... configureAssociat edApproverRequestType] Security token ... element configurePriorReleaseRequestType] Security token ... configureRelease ApplicationLibraryTypeRequestType] Security token ... configureRelease ApplicationRequestType] Security token ... configureRelease ApplicationSyslibRequestType] Security token ... configureRelease ApproverRequestType] Security token ... configureRelease AreaApproverRequestType] Security token ... element configureReleaseAreaRequestType] Security token ... element configureReleaseRequestType] Security token ... element deleteApproverRequestType] Security token ... deleteAssociatedA pproverRequestType] Security token
PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF 5.3 Installation Guide
... : Look for error messages in the ... ... caused by an error then try to ... ... -4} Warning ! 60 seconds ... ... E Get Next error code={ ... ... desk|Severe error ... ISPF PQuery Service error ; Contact local ... |PQUERY Service error ... data set • CATALOG - Catalog a data set ... ... set from the catalog • UPLOAD - ... SER4013E Security token map failed SER4014E Dynamic allocation error ... SER4017E Data set positioning error SER4018E I/O error reading SYSOUT data set ... SER4020E Severe error ... SER4026E Unknown error
CMS-XML ORACLE: Error getting catalog: No Service Catalogs found.
If you have Oracle as your database and get the following error when connecting to SRC - Serena Request Center then please check the following:
CMS-XML Logging into Request Center and get "Error getting catalog: Not found" error
Request Center is part of the SOO ( Serena Orchestrated Ops) installation package. Before you can run Request Center correctly, you must install the SOO Framework files. This installation is done separately, after SBM has been installed and configured.
CMS-XML How to reload framework files for solutions in shells such as SSM. "Error getting service request categories" When editing a Request Center service.
This document talks about how to reload the framework files for solutions in a shell such as SSM if you suspect a bad install. The attached video goes through the steps required to do this and talks about one of the symptoms that lead to this document being created. In this case the customer was getting an error " Error getting service request categories: Serena Security Token invalid or expired" when they tried to edit an existing SRC service or add a new one.
CMS-XML LISTV processing using option 3.4 gets INVALID DSN1 NAME error
Volume ===> srlrg* (single volume or volume mask, Optional) Catalog ===> (Optional) New list ===> YES (Yes/No) Yes to start with a new data set list
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