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CMS-XML non-Admin users get privilege errors trying to export items to another project
non-Admin users get privilege errors trying to export items to another project
CMS-XML DIM10: User attempts to add action description and gets error: COR0005526E: Unknown '618' privilege
The definition for this privilege is added to the database as part of the schema upgrade. If the database schema has not been upgraded to Dimensions 10.1.3 then this error may occur. To correct the problem, please upgrade the schema with the following:
CMS-XML Dim12: User gets "Cancel Item - COR0005186E Error" trying to Undo Check Out
User with Admin privileges also gets this error . Problem happens only with some checked out revisions, user and Admin are able to cancel check out on other items / revisions.
CMS-XML User with a space in ID gets "Error: Unknown user or group" trying to change project via Web Client.
We tried giving this privilege to the user , but then we still cannot switch project. A message is received that the user does not exist - but that message mentions the user without space in the name (for example "SURENDRAK" in above example).
CMS-XML Users unable to get into Work Center due errors "Unable to validate user" and "Error: Not Found" and "Error static Top : Not Found"
Below, we describe different causes for this error: Use Case 1: SLS Import fails with " User does not have privilege to perform this operation"
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Edit request get error: COR0005615E Another user is currently performing an operation on request
The first thing to consider is whether another person is editing the request. If so, then the user currently editing the request must complete and commit his or her changes to the database before any other users may edit the request. If the person editing the request has left for the day or there system crashed in the middle of a transaction, then an appropriately privileged user (such as tool manager), may cancel the edit.
CMS-XML User gets "Error: The schema PCMS_SYS does not exist on this database." trying to logon to DMDBA as PCMS_SYS
The error is caused by PCMS_SYS schema not having SELECT privilege on SYS.ALL_USERS The best solution is to grant this privilege to PCMS_SYS and any user that will be used when invoking dmdba It is also possible to invoke dmdba with --noschemacheck as in:
CMS-XML Problem: User gets "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" error logging in as Tracker
) to SQL*Plus, then run the following statement: grant select on v_$session to pvcstrkusr This statement will provide needed privileges to Tracker, user should be able to login without any problems.
CMS-XML Dim12: Get error when deploying: PRG4500325E Error: User authentication failed
The user specified in the %DM_ROOT%\dfs\deploy_config.dat file MUST have local logon privileges on the server or agent where the dmdeploysrv process is running.
CMS-XML "User doesn't have sufficient privilege to execute report" error
A new user was created using Copy User function and all privileges are set correctly. When user tries to log in, either he could not login or he gets User doesn't have sufficient privilege to execute report” error after login.
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