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CMS-XML Email added as a note is truncated under Notes in default SSM Incidents project.
Notes added via email will get truncated when viewed in the note section.
CMS-XML ns-attachments folder filling up with folders when using notelogger/email recorder and note fails to get added to item.
When you use the email recorder feature and an attachment is sent with an item. If the ttid doesn't exist for the email or the user doesn't have permission to add a note to an item you will see an error in the ns.log which is fine but you also end up with a folder in the tomcat temp directory called ns-attachments that doesn't clean itself up until you restart Tomcat.
CMS-XML Extra Characters are added to notes when added via the Email Recorder.
Extra Characters are added to notes when added via the Email Recorder.
CMS-XML Email notes are not added to items until a manual refresh is performed
Email notes are not added to items until a manual refresh is performed
CMS-XML Email recorder intermittently stopped adding some emails as notes.
Ensure that only one email recorder pointing to an email box.
CMS-XML Email recorder responses sent are not getting added as a note on the item - "org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Invalid white space character (0x1) in text to output"
When customers have experienced this it has been found that the source of the invalid XML is from their email scanners. We will look to mitigate this for future releases.
CMS-XML Right-Click options not working on selected text in Add Note
When using the Add Note or Send Email actions in the area where you can add text you get the formatting options bar where you can set font size, font color, bold etc. Once you have text there you are unable to select the text and use the right mouse click copy/paste/delete functionality. You can select text and use ctrl V, ctrl X and ctrl C but once you right click the mouse the highlighted text is no longer highlighted and the right mouse click options do not work.
CMS-XML Change history shows a second user in brackets when a note is added via the mailclient..
When using the mail client for both email submission and to add notes , the change history may show a 2nd user in brackets. Example: 01/01/2010 07:00:00 AM, Attachment/Note added by Bill (Joe Manager)
CMS-XML How can I write a Notifcation that will fire when a Note is added to an SBM item?
When you create a new notification rule there isn't a field for Note. How can I get a notification to fire when a Note is added to an item? This might be helpful when an email note is added to an item automatically so you could notify someone or run a script etc.
CMS-XML Setup a notification to trigger upon attaching a file, but not upon adding a note (or vice versa).
As of version of SBM, Attachments and Notes may be distinguished in the conditions of notifications. This means that a notification (commonly email notifications) can be triggered separately based upon the action of adding an attachment or a note to an item, whereas prior to, both actions were considered the same and did not allow you to setup discrete notifications for both.
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