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CMS-XML Project Merge tool Save Target unavailable after incorrect request specified during save operation
Invoke a Project Merge. The merge tool window appears showing a preview of the target . After resolving all conflicts and executing the 'Save Target' operation, the tool presents a dialog boxing requesting a valid Request ID.
CMS-XML Notification or rule fails to move to target environment during promotion
The promotion succeeded, but the notification and rule were not in the new environment. The error below was in the promotion log: WARN -- Import: Missing UUID for 'xxxx' in node 'Rule'.
CMS-XML Dim10: Out-of-memory error during check-out of files invoked via Ant Tasks
Ant is started from the command line, but it is using the <Dimensions> task as indicated below. The Ant target for check-out is as follows:
CMS-XML Install: Error: read-only file on several Dll's during Version Manager Upgrade
After pressing YES, new message: General file Transfer Error. Please check your target location and try again, and setup aborts. If you click No, the error repeats on several more dll's, and finally on the executable pvcsvmnt.exe
CMS-XML No declaration found for element 'Locale' error during deployment
Open the SBM Application Repository and login. Go to the Environment where the deployment failed and check to make sure the Target Server and Runtime URL's are correct, including the BPEL and Event Manager URL's.
CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : GET on z/os => MDHNCL4501192E Error: access is denied to file ... / EDC5003I Truncation of a record occurred during an I/O operation
In this case, the reason is that the length of some lines in the file to fetch is greater than the max line length of the members of the target PDS file. 2 solutions to execute this GET successfully : => Allocating a new target PDS with an higher line length value (LRECL attribute value)
CMS-XML Impacted target matching error
- dimensions has to match the LOADC/.LOADC with the build rules and find the source to build. During the matching it seems that the LOADC identifies ASM source folder and finds 1 existing source (the source of the PSB), the problem is that the Build Type is not used for the matching and the rule "ASM [ASM_PSBGEN] --> PSB" is applied when this rule never produce a LOADC.
CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "Cannot deploy BPEL definition for process model...The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /eventmanager/services/ALFAdmin?ns=00000"
Open the Environment you're deploying to Click on the Target Servers tab Verify that the BPEL Server ( JBPM_BPEL server type ) is pointing to a url that looks like the following
CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "ERROR -- Failed to deploy event map for orchestration...: Access to this endpoint and/or SOAP action is not allowed"
Open the Environment you're deploying to Click on the Target Servers tab Verify that the System Event Manager ( ALF server ) type is pointing to a url that looks like the following
CMS-XML 10.1.3.x : z/os build with using pre-script => MDHSB160225E Processing resulted in no targets being detected: if no other errors have occurred this indicates an invalid template
MDHTPL1601029E Incorrect variable PTNAME reference in template expansion - Bad subscript MDHTPL1602002I at line 5 in file //DD:MDHSTPLT(MDHBBOM0) MDHSB160102E Template processing failed during the inclusion of the root template MDHBBOM0
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