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CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5+: Disable Returning Attachments in Work Center Search Results (How to turn off Smart Search indexing for attachments)
Attachments are automatically returned in Work Center search results as of SBM 10.1.5. Although many customers like this feature, you may want to turn it off (either temporarily or permanently) for any of the following reasons:
CMS-XML How do you find all reports that have been scheduled by a certain user? How do you disable scheduled reports for a specific user?
How do you find all reports that have been scheduled by a certain user? How do you disable scheduled reports for a specific user?
CMS-XML After, project selection in keyword search for Occasional Users is disabled
In the classic User Interface, from it is not possible to select projects in the "keyword search " functionality. This is true whether or not a user has created a "My Projects" list or not. Because no projects can be selected, there is no way to limit the search to a subset of projects in the application.
CMS-XML Users show as disabled when they are not in "Allow Searching" User fields
* In an application's primary table, assign a role to a user field * Make sure the user field is set to "Allow Searching " * In an application's workflow, allow the field to be filled in one transition
CMS-XML PDS849E Volume xxxxxx has an indexed VTOC
Following is documentation found in the 'FDM Systems Guide' which states that rename using the fixpds can occur only on a volume that has the vtoc index disabled . FIXPDS to Delete or Rename a Data Set FIXPDS deletes or renames the current data set or an alternate data set even if it is
CMS-XML Unable to find new items in Work Center search
However, it is also possible that there are issues indexing attachments which can prolong, or in some rare circumstances, stall the indexing process. As long as there are recent entries in this log, the index process should continue to completion and continue to monitor for new changes. If you would like to disable indexing of attachments, see S140944.
CMS-XML " Error getting catalog: Not Found" after upgrading from SSM 5.1 to SSM 5.2
--stop all SBM services -- disable primary key, so we can drop index used by it ALTER TABLE SRP_SERVICE DISABLE PRIMARY KEY CASCADE;
PDF Full-Text Indexing for Social Experts in Serena Business Manager
Disabling Full-Text Searching after enabling both features ........................................................ 6
CMS-XML Dim2009: How to obtain a timed trace of Oracle queries to locate and tune specific problem queries
NOTE: In the above example (step 10), the following solution is recommended to disable use of bitmap indices in Oracle. This solution is indicated by the number of operations in the execution plan that are bitmap operations and the great amount of time required by each (also indicated in the execution plan).
CMS-XML When accessing SBM or TeamTrack, get error "Error: 'Index' is Null or Not an object"
When accessing SBM or TeamTrack, the url should end with a question mark like this: http://server/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll ? If the question mark is missing and the Disable Script Debugging option is not checked (by default is checked), the above error will occur.
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