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CMS-XML DimCM: Tracing: How to enable the most common set of logs, SDP, DBIO, and DFS, used in Dimensions CM
DBIO_TRACE_SQL C:\temp\logs\dbio\dbio_trace.log DM_SDP_TRACE C:\temp\logs\SDP\ DM_DEBUG_ALF_EVENTS Y
CMS-XML Dim12: When actioning a request, a failed message of "Warning: Request ... has reached the final status"
b.3.2) replay the action request ... b.3.3) set dbio_trace off b.4) Send the generated dbio log file plus all the log files generated in DM_SDP_TRACE location
CMS-XML Dim14: Using DM_SDP_TRACE to check for problems using the Dimensions CM Auto Update facility
Dim14: Using DM_SDP_TRACE to check for problems using the Dimensions CM Auto Update facility
CMS-XML Setting DM_SDP_TRACE causes "Audit" to fail with no error message
Setting DM_SDP_TRACE causes "Audit" to fail with no error message
CMS-XML Dim12.1: ALF Events and Logging
To enable SDP tracing: DM_SDP_TRACE <full directory path> To enable ALF event specific tracing:
CMS-XML DIM CM: Enable SDP and VRS specific traces
- In the server's dm.cfg file (Dimensions Listener restart required) DM_SDP_TRACE <path to existing directory> - In the Desktop Client to trace a specific operation (From 14.x, no Dimensions Listener restart required)
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: alf_events_config.xml contents prevent SBM-CM orchestration from working
Having set up an orchestration to create items in SBM when raising requests in Dimensions CM it was noticed that nothing was being reported in the Event Manager Log in SBM Application Administrator. Requests were being created in CM but nothing was happening in SBM. Having enabled SDP trace for Dimensions CM by including the DM_SDP_TRACE in dm.cfg we noticed the following in the SDP log file:
CMS-XML KB-DIM12.2: Items are not deployed, with no error shown on screen, neither logs created.
When you attempt to perform a deploy operation it could happens the items do not get deploy and you will get now error messages on screen, the audit hangs and logs are not created. Once you set the DM_SDP_TRACE <full directory path> in the dm.cfg file the following message get reported. DMDEPLOYSRV 2012/07/10 06:59:23 UTC
CMS-XML Dim 14.3.3 : what is required to stop/start after turning on sdp trace in dmweb.cfg file ?
In this file, it is possible to enable sdp trace by uncommenting this variable : # DM_SDP_TRACE %DM_LOGS% Once this variable uncommented, does it require to stop/start a service ?
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Unable to connect to specific base database following upgrade to 12.1
In order to solve this we needed the user to generate SDP trace files by setting DM_SDP_TRACE in dm.cfg and restart the Serena Dimensions Listener. Having received a complete set of SDP logs the following was visible at the end of one of the DMAPPSRV traces:
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