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CMS-XML KM-Dim9 How to delete a specific Valid Set from a Command line
Go to a Dos Prompt and run the DMPCLI command line utility dmpmcli -user <User Name> -pass <Password>
CMS-XML DIm cm : how to pass parameters when executing dmpmcli addrules.js script?
4_ indicate the value of parameters in the dmpcli command line : dmpmcli ... -file addrules.js TOTO $TO_BE_DEFINED RAISED $ORIGINATOR Y Y Y
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Serena Dimensions CM Patch Release
2.5 Other Defects Fixed 112835: A user belonging to the ADMIN group, but with no role on the product, was unable to view the detailed description for a request belonging to that product. 110815: The DMPCLI function AttributeDefinition.getValidSet() was not working in Dimensions 10.1.0.
HTML Serena® Dimensions® CM 10.1.3 Release Notes
3.18 Other Defects Fixed 86657A value for Display Height for an attribute of zero did not function as documented. 94766When creating a request type with an ID longer than 10 characters using dmpcli , there was no error or warning message, and the request type was created, causing errors when referencing it later on. 97216Resizing the window in the Synchronize wizard window the right panel was going blank.

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